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World Champs - decisions?

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  • World Champs - decisions?

    Most other sports have a central depositary of officials / stewards decisions. Does the IAAF do this, and if so where are they?

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    I am not aware of such a thing being available. This is a pity as it could be useful to fans, journalists and official development. I think the closest we get is the results quoting the rule under which a DQ has been made but this is little use when an athlete has been re-instated on appeal or where an appeal has been made against another athlete that has not been upheld.


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      Cheers, that was my conclusion too. I watch F1 a lot, and they publish all the stewards decisions online. Not a huge amount of info, but at least you get some insight into their reasonings. I'm most interested in the DQ and then appeal reversal outcomes, if for no other reason than other athletes can and should be able to understand the rules clearly. So for example, where JI was DQ'd for clearly stepping off, presumably the reversal was for them susbequently concluding he was pushed. But I'd like to see that reasoning, especially as if someone pushes you off the track intentionally, then they should be DQ'd . I'd also like to see the federations named as to who put in the protest etc etc. Pinning letters o the door of the officials office really is a bit 1950s!!