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    Originally posted by CAML View Post
    The race to beat Hitchon's BR is on. What a story it would be if the youngest of the potential candidates Charlotte Payne, was to break it. She is profoundly deaf, but chooses not to participate in deaf sport, she is able to compete in the deaf classification if she wishes. She was diagnosed at 3 with hearing loss and her parents told she would be unable to balance properly. Fast forward to 2021, she's second on the Junior all time list and team captain at the Euro U/20's, giving speeches to the GB team. What a remarkable young lady.
    And Payne then goes ahead and improves her PB out 67.68m today and moves the 20 year old into the UK all time top 10, edging 2004 Olympian Shirley Webb out.


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      So that's six British women over 67 this year.


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        It's common to bemoan the state of British throws, but after the news of Divine Oladipo's 17.97m PB today, I was looking at the all-time lists, and I think comparing the best of British to the best of British historically is what is most important here, not the world.

        Shot - with Sophie McKinna, Amelia Strickler and Divine Oladipo we have 5th, 6th and 7th on the British all-time list with PBs within the last 12 months, and Adele Nicol in 12th behind them. I don't think it is beyond the realms of possibility that McKinna throws 19m this year, and 19.07m would put her 2nd. Women's Shot is as good as it has been in the last 30 years since the late 80s when Judy Oakes and Myrtle Augee were both around 19m.

        Discus - Jade Lally is still going, throwing 61.78m this year, and Kirsty Law became the 7th British woman over 60m last summer at the age of 34. There's not a huge amount behind them. But the reality is, Britain has had 3 World Class discus throwers in history (Meg Ritchie, Lally (an edge case at best) and Venissa Head. It's not a great story but it never has been.

        Hammer - undoubtedly the strongest it has ever been. Of the UK top 10, 6 threw their PBs in the last year, and most of them are under 25.

        Javelin - an absolute disaster, but then it has been since Goldie. One I really don't understand.

        So on the women's side, I think you can reasonably argue that 1 event is best it has ever been, 1 is on par with the best and 1 is close to par. If awarding scores out of 10 I'd go 10 for Hammer, 8 for Shot, 5 for Discus and 1 for Javelin. So 24/40, or 60%.

        Shot - Scott Lincoln is now 3rd on the All-Time list, and all credit to him. There is very much nothing behind him...

        Discus - say what you like about Lawrence Okoye, and people do, but he is the best discus thrower Britain has ever produced, and behind him Nicholas Percy has just thrown a Scottish record and is within touching distance of the top 10.

        Hammer - Nick Miller and Taylor Campbell are 1st and 2nd on the British lists, 2 more of the top 7 are active and this year Britain has 6 men in the World top 100 this year even with Campbell Sr injured. The top is there and the depth is there.

        Javelin - again, a disaster (although less of a disaster thus far this year than in other recent years), although I always think people have myopia here. We were never a strong javelin nation, we just had Backley and Hill for a few years.

        So again, I'd say 1 event is the best it has ever been, 1 is on par with the best, 1 has a single very good athlete and 1 is a basket case. Awarding scores, I'd go 10 for Hammer, 7 for Discus, 4 for Shot and 2 for Javelin. So 23/40, or 57.5%.

        This is clearly a emotional topic for some people, especially around the javelin, but looking dispassionately shows a complex and not dire but not perfect picture.
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          Three of our top six hammer women (Anna Purchase, Tara SS and Amy Phillips) are in next week's NCAA West Regional competition (and rank in the top seven athletes there). Could be a bit of a competition within a competition/preview of UK champs.


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            Talking of the hammer, though on the men's side of things, out in Tucson, Arizona, Nick Miller went to the top of the UK rankings this year with a 75.61m effort, while Joe Ellis improved his PB for second time this season, with a 74.52m heave.


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              Some much needed positive javelin news from the Tucson meet. 60 year old Roald Bradstock threw 59.78m. If we can just get Backley out again, who remember is just a mere pup at 53, then the future of the event doesn't look quite so bleak.


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                Eff u for getting my hopes up there for a second CAML. lol

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                Of course, Backley's replacement hip is just a teenager.

                Nearly 60m at 60 is pretty awesome. There's some really top decathletes who can't do that.