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    Originally posted by Catinahat View Post
    May be harder than we think for
    KJT to medal. This has been a good year for her but the commonwealth and world indoor titles were against weak fields and she was not an emphatic victor in either. The Europeans lacked depth and one would expect Schäfer to come back stronger next year having put injury behind her that curtailed speed this year with her improved javelin pb - a good competitor. Add to that Erica Bougard who was in the 6700’s this year, Yorgelis Rodrigues also in the 6700’s who is perhaps making the greatest progress under her new coaching set up and the return of LIA post injury who is a 6800 competitor and it starts to look like a tasty event! Thiam will also be the one to beat!
    Don't think anyone believes it will be "easy" for KJT to medal...but she did seem to make a serious breakthrough in terms of temperament this year and I think it is reasonable to suppose that the added confidence from her success will flow through to a bit more consistency across events. She can improve ; she will probably have to : I fancy she will.


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      Last year’s men’s 800 was exceptional in that so many of the big names fluffed their lines, Langford did benefit from this in the end. If Korir, Murphy and the 2nd and 3rd Kenyan show up it will be very difficult for Kyle to get amongst the medals.

      Looking forward to seeing how McLaughlin goes next year. In fact both the 400h will be high quality next year, might we see a WR from Samba? Men’s 400 should be good if Norman gets some DL invites.


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        Originally posted by philipo View Post

        surely no medal chances for Langford, Pozzi, Hudson- smith, mcColgan, Doyle or Hitchon.
        I’d agree with that. Langford had his day in the sun in London. Hitchon had hers in Rio, since when her champs record is 7th in London, nm in CG and 8th in the Euros.

        MHS will be up against ridiculous standard opposition.


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          Some really good articles on the 50th anniversary of the Mexico Olympics and about Bob Beamon's LJ world record:

          A pivotal Games -
          Tommie Smith & John Carlos's podium protest -
          Bob Beamon's 8.90m - AND
          Why is The Long Jump WR So Hard to Break? -
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            2017 Amsterdam Champions, Lawrence Cherono & Tadelech Bekele defended their titles successfully, Cherono taking a minute off his course record with 2:04:06. Mule Wasihun & Solomon Deksisa also 2:04-mid. Kenenisa Bekele dropped out again, around the 40km mark but he'd fallen off the pace about 15km earlier.

            A debutante in the half marathon, Tsehay Gemechu, surprised Tirunesh & Jepkosgei in Delhi but other debutantes today didn't have a good day - Senbere Teferi was leading in Delhi at 20km but then crashed & burned. Meseret Defar was well down the field in the Amsterdam Marathon - not sure of her time because there was no live leaderboard.
            The pre-race publicity for the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2018 focused on a duel between Ethiopia’s Tirunesh Dibaba and Kenya’s Joyciline Jepkosgogei, quite rightly considering their careers and 2018 racing records, but Dibaba’s compatriot Tsehay Gemechu hadn’t read the script and flew to a course record of 1:06:50 on Sunday (21).


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              New World Record!!!!

              Abraham Kiptum 58:18 in the Valencia Half Marathon, taking down Zersenay Tadese's 58:23. After a 28:03 first 10km Kiptum (previous PB 59:09) split 27:16 for the next 10km!
              Jemal Yimer Mekonnen ran the equal 3rd fastest time ever, 58:33.
              Gelete Burka is having a successful switch to the roads, winning the women's in 66:10.

              In the last kilometre the commentators on the stream got extremely excited about the prospect of a Record del Mundo!


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                Excellent run by Charlotte Arter at the IAAF Cross de Atapuerca in Spain. Until 5km she was right up with the lead group of 8 top-quality African-born athletes. She finished 9th, beating Sara Moreira and other good Portuguese and Spaniards and was only about 11 seconds behind Meraf Bahta in 7th.


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                  A lot of GB distance news coming out of the weekend ...

                  Callum Hawkins is making his return to marathon racing at Fukuoka in December.

                  Steph Twell has announced she will make her marathon debut in Valencia on December 2nd with a view to going for the marathon for Tokyo 2020.

                  Speaking of marathon debuts, Jess Coulson was on course to run 2:29 in Frankfurt in 2015 but then got injured around 25k-30k. Since then it's been a long hard road back for her but it's great to see her (now Jess Piasecki) getting 2nd at the Milton Keynes British Cross Challenge, 4s behind Kate Avery, another athlete who has been bedevilled by injury for a couple of years. Jess Judd was 3rd.

                  The trials for the European XC team are on the 24th of this month in Liverpool.


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                    NCAA Cross Country Championships this Saturday in Madison, Wisconsin.
                    Sovietvest - have you still got your FloTrack subscription? Have you been watching the "build-up" races and, if so, any thoughts?

                    In the women's race Weini Kelati (New Mexico) has, to me, looked like the class of the field. She's Eritrean but not your usual import having gone to High School in the States. Defending champion Ednah Kurgat (also NM) hasn't looked as good this season. If you can stick with her until the final stretch you can beat her because she really doesn't have any kick to speak of. I fancy that one of either Alicia Monson (Wisconsin) - the surprise package this season - or Allie Ostrander (Boise State) will do that and push Kurgat out of 2nd place. Ostrander was really flying at Regionals.
                    With Charlotte Taylor and Alice Wright graduated there's a dearth this year of Brits who will challenge for Top 20 places. Philippa Bowden (Oregon) should be doing that but for a 32:33 runner she's had a poor season I think (other runners of similar calibre such as Makena Morley, Jaci Smith & Claire O'Brien will be in or around the Top 15-25 I think). There's possibly only one other Brit running, Julia Paternain (freshman at Penn State) who I hadn't heard of until this NCAA season. Hannah Nuttall could very well have been knocked off the New Mexico team by other runners.

                    In the men's race it's a bit harder to predict the winner. Grant Fisher (Stanford) and the Aussie, Morgan McDonald (Wisconsin) are seen as marginal favourites but the top guys from Northern Arizona (Baxter & Day) and BYU could also challenge as well as a few others. My pick for the mild upset though is Nick Hauger (Portland). He's looked very good this season.
                    Looks like there's 3 Brits taking part - Jack Rowe (San Francisco), James West (Oregon) & Scott Beattie (Tulsa). Rowe seems the best prospect to challenge for All-American honours (no, no, he's All-British!) by finishing top 40. Chris Olley (also SF) was expected to do well but just missed out on qualifying from a tough Regionals race.

                    Two interesting things about BYU (Brigham Young University) in Provo, Utah: 1. It's also known as "the Mormon University" - approx 99% of students are Mormons. 2. They appear to have stolen inspiration for their team logo - - straight from the Yahoo website circa 2007!

                    As far as the team races go, I couldn't care less really though it does amuse me that the Americans make such a massive deal about it, spending more time talking about that than they do the battles for individual honours.
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                      World record for Uganda's Joshua Cheptegei in the 15km race at Nijmegen - 41:04. The old WR was 41:13.

                      Some swift times in the women's race too - Stella Chesang making it a double for Uganda in 47:19 and Susan Krumins 3rd in 47:41 which would translate to a click or two over 51 mins for 10 miles.

                      Regarding the NCAA Cross Country ... I should give up trying to predict NCAA events! In the snow (the first for ~30 years at an NCAAs) the 2017 Indoor 3000m champ Dani Jones beat Weini Kelati to the title and Morgan McDonald won the men's.


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                        Levine gets 4 year ban...


                        I wonder if he'll be public about the situation, his (failed) defence, etc? Understanding that we're all only human, I always have a little more respect for those who fall short of standards but then publicly recognise where they went wrong. I don't condone doping, but I do understand how some would make the decision to dope.


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                          Originally posted by larkim View Post
                          Levine gets 4 year ban...


                          I wonder if he'll be public about the situation, his (failed) defence, etc? Understanding that we're all only human, I always have a little more respect for those who fall short of standards but then publicly recognise where they went wrong. I don't condone doping, but I do understand how some would make the decision to dope.
                          No-one mentioned the other ban that was recently handed down and covered in the AW News section. The 4 year ban of David Parker who breached the terms of his coach licence when he had inappropriate relationships with (his) athletes at Loughborough University where he was employed.


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                            I think the difference is that arguably the innappropriate coaching relationships are not part of a narrative of the continued presence of XYZ in the sport. Doping ones are. But you're right, it was a serious issue (though I seem to recall that relatively little of specificity is in the public domain about it).

                            In relation to Levine, the judgement is here, including Levine's attempted defence about contaminated supplements. Interesting note that he wasn't in the registered testing pool at the time so could have refused a test, and whilst that is not evidence of innocence is just an interesting side-note in the case.



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                              The British team has been announced for the European Cross Country Championships on 9th December -

                              Great to see Jess Piasecki (nee Coulson), Kate Avery & U23 Lydia Turner back in British vests after troubled times.

                              In this weekend's marathon action, Steph Twell is making her marathon debut in Valencia shooting, she says, for 2:30. We might catch a glimpse of her on the live stream if we're lucky. Callum Hawkins returns to the 26.2 in Fukuoka. (Edit: Callum has withdrawn with a hamstring niggle).

                              Over in the States there's no rest for those college kids. Indoor season starts on Saturday in Boston including a stacked women's 5000 aiming for low-15, with the likes of Kelati, Ostrander, Kurgat, Cranny & Lokedi leading the charge.
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                                Great to see Jess Piasecki (nee Coulson), Kate Avery & U23 Lydia Turner back in British vests after troubled times.
                                You beat me to it, Lucky. I'm ashamed to say I'd actually forgotten about Lydia Turner, it's being so long since she raced. We've lost so many wonderful young talents in women's distance running ( Clay, Auckland, Pidgeon, even in a sense perhaps Beth Potter) or have seen them have their careers curtailed and defined by injury ( Twell, Purdue & Gorecka) that's it's a real joy to see these comebacks