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  • Coleman Cleared!

    Interesting. He talked up IAAF/USADA liability in test day confusion, but it turns out he got off on nothing but a technicality. Cleared to compete, but a cloud remains over him for me.
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    Funny how the american system works isn't it


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      So he has actually missed 3 tests within a one year period, that is a fact. And so now all the talk surrounding the mens 100m come Doha will be around Coleman, sigh...

      Even before all this news erupted I have never warmed to Coleman. To me I get the same feeling as when I saw Justin Gatlin and Tim Montgomery all those years ago. There's just something about him that doesn't quite inspire confidence in me...

      I hope that the likes of De Grasse, Zharnel Hughes, Gemili, Simbine and the emerging group of Japanese sprinters can shine in Doha and let me enjoy the 100m...


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        Frustrating. Let’s hope at least that WADA and the IAAF. I’m at least have him firmly on their radar and test him as often as possible.


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          Cannot see the point of getting bothered by this. From what we are told he must be one of the most tested athletes in the world. At nearly twice a month on average.
          Apparently the way the rule is worded by WADA the rule on three missed tests in a year hasn't been broken. So if banned a challenge to the courts would overturn the ban doing Athletics reputation no good at all.
          I enjoy athletics by trusting the rules and system in place, to the extent that you can trust any rules of this type. Otherwise it is not a sport worth following.
          The sport should try harder to keep things in-house until they have reached a conclusion.


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            He missed a test on June 6th 2018. He then claimed the reason he missed the test was that he had not updated his whereabouts app for that quarter. Under these bizarre rules, that was then counted as a 'Filing Failure, backdated to the day he should have updated his whereabouts app: 1 April. Three points:
            1) We can infer from this that he was not tested from 1 April until June 6th 2018 - the post indoors / pre-season period when the old school dopers used to get juiced up.
            2) Had he just not been where he was supposed to be on 6 June, he would have committed a Whereabouts Failure on that date. The next two Whereabouts Failures would then have been within 12 months and he'd now be banned.
            3) To me, forgetting where you are supposed to be on three occasions in a year is highly unprofessional and very forgetful. Forgetting to update your Whereabouts App for 9 weeks is even more unprofessional / forgetful.

            Yes he's been tested a lot by USADA since the start of 2018 but to say it is an average twice a month is misleading. 6 occasions have been since the July 1st this year - so he's been targeted recently. I'd be interested how many of his tests were Out of Competition and how many were In Competition. I don't care how many In Competition tests an athlete passes - no doper is stupid enough to be positive at the time of a competition.



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              Editing a comment
              No need for you to ask the question because the answer is where you found that he had 6 tests in the last two months.

              q1 3 tests [Competitions 19th Jan to 3rd March]
              q2 2 tests + missed test 6th June [Competitions 14th April to 31st August]
              q3 2 tests
              q4 2 tests
              q1 2 tests + missed test 16th January
              q2 3 tests + missed test 26th April [Competitions 18th May to 28th July]
              q3 6 tests

              The data shows a good spread of tests over time, both in and out of competition.

              As for the no doper is stupid enough comment, dozens, perhaps hundreds have been positive at the time of a competition including the many who have had their medals taken away.

              It has always seemed to me that the dope testing rules require an athlete to have a religious devotion to the task and I can well understand some failing. No excuse accepted, of course, but it will catch the occasional innocent one.