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    Originally posted by ibarnett01 View Post

    Yes, looks completely out of sorts. Webb, on the other hand, can take a bit of encouragement from his run. Poor position at the bell but finished close to 2nd and 3rd, had he been on the shoulder of the leader at the bell then who knows.
    Our 800m and 1500m runners are unlikely to shine in Doha because they do not have the necessary equipment to survive a 3 round competition.


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      Obvs you will all, especially Larkim, be fascinated by a 58.57 mJT.....

      The interesting part is that the lobber in question is Dan Pembroke in his first comp for 6 years.

      He's one of the talents that I keep claiming we've had that but fall by the wayside. I think injuries were a factor, but 75.89 as a 19 y.o. suggests that he should have been capable of well over 80m.

      He's 28 now, so that may be more a one off rather than the start of a serious comeback, but either way its good to see him back on the runway.


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        I don't mind javelin, but perhaps that's because of our halcyon days with Sanderson, Whitbread, Backley, Hill etc, and of course the very lovely Sayers. Always interesting to hear of talents disappearing and coming back though, whatever the discipline. Athletics is such an easy sport to drop. There's a local runner near me who as an U13-U17 was regularly a mid-to-back of the pack runner showing little real talent but constant commitment. He stuck with it and as a young adult suddenly developed the ability to drop under 16 minutes at a 5k and 84 minutes half marathon. Picked up one niggle, started work and we've never seen him again. A talent (albeit not a world class one) wasted to the sport. My aspiration for my kids who take part is that it becomes a life-long habit for them, at whatever level their inate talent allows them to compete at.