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Zurich - Diamond League - Thursday 29th August 2019

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    glad to see Warholm won in 46.92; the twerps on T and F Forum take it as a must that an American has to win; the Norwegian is a hard man to beat.
    DAS excellent as usual this season; i would not assume anything as regards SMU who may still run only the 200m and is it certain that no change of mind is contemplated at this stage by IAAF.
    Some interesting stuff tonight. Delighted to see Cheptegei stick it to the Ethiopians and Kenyans. The middle distance races at Doha will be any one of several contenders and stamina will play the major part after two or three rounds.Amos went barmy they say, and I hope to see it on Youtube .
    Echevarria on song at last; Barshim will not star at Doha but possibly back with a bang next year.
    Our sprinters and Butchart did not look as if they had recovered from the National Champs. Hassan looked hot and hopes that she can sustain her form for the next 4 weeks.The German javelin throwers have lost their 2018 shine especially Rohler.


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      Agree about Warholm and the attitudes of US fans . The guys on the House of Run podcast had a good laugh at my expense when I suggested back in May that Warholm was every bit as good as Samba and Benjamin. To be fair, I rather weakened my argument by also saying Guliyev was still a contender, but hey - if Lyles pulls a hammy, maybe he'll 'do a Kenteris' again!

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    Originally posted by felix51 View Post

    Now there's food for thought......
    Groan. Sadly it was an error in the start list, Ms Restaurant was the nom de plume of the heptathlete Geraldine Ruckstuhl.

    Some top class performances.

    Dasher should now consider anything less than a medal in Doha as under performing. The colour’s up for grabs. It’s a big shame she won’t be facing SMU as you always want to see the very best on the start line....although Dasher may beg to differ.


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      I still think Dasher was sand bagging a bit tonight, as amazing as that would seem. 22.08 and I don't think she was in top gear, while SMU was going right at it to prove a point.

      I think DAS will smash the British record come Doha... and join SMU in the 21.7 club in the process.

      As for Warholm and Benjamin in the 400m hurdles... What can I say?

      It must be a tad galling for the young American too... To run a time that was faster than the greatest exponent of the discipline in history, Ed Moses, had ever done in his illustrious career, at a stadium in which Moses had won world class races in world class times on numerous occasions... And to do all that and *still* come out second best in that race with Karsten?

      Remarkable stuff!

      It does raise a point though.... what shape is Samba in? Will he even *be* in Doha considering his health and fitness issues this season?


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        Agree about Dasher. She let it happen in the last 80m and lived to fight another day.
        As for those who say they wish SMU was in the 200m...…….. sod that.

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        Also agree about Dasher. She looked very relaxed in the home straight...

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      That change request is for Tokyo next year not for Doha.


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        An interesting time to be Dina Asher-Smith, if she wants to beat Shaunae at next years Olympics she is going to have to become one of the greatest sprinters of all time. Dina will improve her time in Doha but will probably end the season ranked number 2


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          Dina has come a long way. I remember a couple of years ago when Steve used to champion Dina I always poured cold water on the idea of her reaching the level of Miller, Thompson, Schippers, Bowie.....
          Great to now have a GB sprinter that brilliant. Not the best but most definitely up there.
          As for the Olympics, a lot can happen between now and then.

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        Originally posted by philipo View Post
        The German javelin throwers have lost their 2018 shine especially Rohler.
        Rohler's off the pace - SB 86.99, but 3 others are over 89. All have been a bit erratic, but if they're timing their peaks well, we could still see big distances and medals. But the event as a whole has been subdued compared to the last couple of years.


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          SMU would be well-advised to run the 200m. She looks unbeatable. Even if Thompson and Schippers returned to their 2015 form, that 21.7 on a not-particularly-fast track into a headwind was intrinsically superior to Thompson and Schippers' 21.6s in Beijing. By contrast, her 400 pb although outstanding (and probably better than her 200 pb) is only 11/1100ths faster than Naser's. A lot more can go wrong in a 400 - as we saw with her in 2017. And don't forget she fell over the line in 2016 and only just won.


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            Going back to a discussion on another thread about commentators .. .. . .

            I was slightly irritated that neither Cram nor Hutchings seemed to realise that the Ethiiopians were having an unofficial trials race and Cheptegei was an irrelevance to them. Crammy more than made up for it though, with his reaction to Warholm's run. He's a fan first and foremost and sees the sport through our eyes. Didn't he say what we were all thinking?

            Hutchings really made me laugh. He always tells us who he shared a taxi with to the stadium, or held the lift open for in the athletes' hotel. It seems that yesterday he ate lunch with half of the world's top athletes. His man crush on all the male pole vaulters is also very sweet.


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              Having said that the Ethiopians were more concerned about racing each other than winning the race, I think Kejelcha made a huge error. I realise he suffered last year by doing all the work and set up great times for the others but had he led the chase last night, I'm sure Gebriwhet and / or Barega would have won the race. That would have ensured the Ethiopians could select the DL winner in addition to the regular 3. As the 4th best yesterday, Kejelcha would still have been an obvious pick. They still get to pick 4 but the 'extra man will now be Edris as reigning world champ and Kejelcha may miss out. A real shame - despite what happened last night, I still think he's the best in the world.