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    So in news that comes as no surprise to anyone, 2014 European and 2015 World 800m champion Marina Arzamasova has been found guilty of doping.

    Sad for fans when I think many of us had doubts about her for years.

    I have no idea whether those medals from 2014 and 2015 will ever be stripped from her, but worth noting that Lynsey Sharp finished 2nd to her. Take a look at the other athletes in the final and you could argue that Jessica Judd would be the rightful bronze medalist...

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    With news coming from Jamaica that a sprinter could be busted and the Christian Coleman saga it is yet another welcome set of unfortunate news for the sport.

    Of course I want cheats to be found out and banned from the sport, but it's just more news being directed away from the actual talented athletes with great stories to tell...


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      It's good that people are getting caught, but disturbing to see very young athletes already doping:

      Another (retro) positive that's just come out, Ineta Radevica, European long jump champion in 2010 and World Champs silver the following year, based on a 2012 retest. I guess it's not counted retrospectively, but it=f it was that would give Carolina Kluft a world bronze at the solo event.


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        Originally posted by Occasional Hope
        It's good that people are getting caught, but disturbing to see very young athletes already doping:
        Wow, you're really gonna go there?

        If you read the article, it was a contaminated medicine that she had declared on the form. Diuretics are not performance enhancers anyway, so it's not like she benefited from it.


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          Aren't they banned bc they're a masking agent? To be fair we don't know all the details yet, but I will stand by my assertion, modified to say that it's sad to see young athletes involved in doping allegations. Even if she's exonerated it will be a cloud over her reputation for the rest of her career.


          • camerajuan
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            Correct. They're banned because they can be used to hide illegal substances, or to flush them out. I can't see her being a deliberate cheater but rather falling foul to a given supplement by a trusted coach/aide.

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          Seems we can now confirm it's Briana Williams who ran a NJR of 10.94 over 100m.

          By Kayon Raynor   Jamaican World Under-20 double sprint gold medallist and national junior record holder Bria

          VCB was caught for the same thing and was eventually cleared. I don't know much about coaching groups in Jamaica, any connection to Williams and VCB coach or group at that time?


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            The Briana Williams story gets stranger and stranger. Caught in the same circumstances as her coach once was, with a very similar diuretic, and an identical excuse. He was of course cleared because poor Ato couldnt have known about the contamination, could he? The same way poor Briana couldnt have known that taking medication that is not widely available, and is only sold in some pharmacies solely in Jamaica, was a risk. Stinks to high heaven. Interesting that she ran a 100m PB by a tenth of a second, in still conditions, while feeling so unwell that she needed medication so desperately that she took medicine given to her by her mother, that she did not know the source of.


            • Johannes Factotum
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              - It was reported at the time that she was competing with a high fever (105 F i believe)
              - She declared the medicine on the anti-doping application form
              - They've had the medicine independently tested and confirmed to contain the diuretic; a contamination as it's not listed as an ingredient

              So, unless this is a game of 4D chess where they stopped playing short of avoiding detection, what part of this stinks?

              EDIT: Also, Ato tested for the stimulant Ephedrine, not a diuretic.

            • Christy93
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              The part where an athlete in a professional set-up, with access to a wide support team, takes medication that is not widely available and that she did not source herself. The part where she ran a huge PB, despite this apparent temperature of 105f. Have you tried to run while that unwell? I have, and I have spoken to every other person in athletics who has attempted to do so, and all of them laughed at the idea you could run close to your best let alone smash your PB in such a scenario. At best she has been extremely negligent of what goes in to her body.

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            Even JAAA boss Warren Blake, who is one of the pettiest, most bureaucratic people on the island, thinks she will be cleared.


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              So is the concept of strict liability dead?


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                Andressa Oliveira de Morais, ranked 6th in the world in the discus, is the latest bust. Let's hope no other talented Brazilian throwers get into trouble before Doha...


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                  Michelle Lee Ahye provisionally suspended for three missed tests. Not American so it may stick.


                  • camerajuan
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                    She should give Coleman's lawyer a call to see what they can do.

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                  Olympic hammer champion Dilshod Nazarov caught in a 2011 retest:


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                    Another shock doping test failure from France - 9:31 Steeplechaser, Ophelie Claude-Boxberger for EPO.

                    She's the daughter of Jacky Boxberger, twice an Olympic finalist and a European Indoor champ at 1500.


                    • larkim
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                      I believe her boyfriend, a doctor, has been very vocal about trying to get the volume of testing reduced. Coincidence?

                    • Occasional Hope
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                      Seems unlikely

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                    Wilson Kipsang: whereabouts and tampering -


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                      two year ban for Michelle-Lee Ahye