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2019 European Indoors (Glasgow) - 10am start on Friday 1st March

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  • 2019 European Indoors (Glasgow) - 10am start on Friday 1st March

    Final Entry lists here.

    Timetable here.

    On looking at the Entry Lists I would say that Europe's women are taking this a lot more seriously than the men - there's barely a weak event on the women's side whereas there's quite a few on the men's side, principally the men's 60 where virtually all of Europe's top, top 100m guys are missing.

    Strong women's 60 with Swoboda, Schippers, Kambundji, Philip & Zahi. The 400 looks pretty good - Swiety, Baumgart, Sprunger, Lisanne de Witte, the British ladies & a few others capable of getting in there too. The 800 perhaps not so strong, due in some part to no-one really having hit great form yet - Buchel, Oskan-Clarke, Lamote & Tracey would all seem to have a chance of gold with maybe Velvere, Eykens & Lyakhova capable of getting in the medal mix. The 1500 though has very good strength in depth - Muir, Klosterhalfen, Ennaoui and a good supporting cast including Mageean, Vrzalova, McDonald, Reekie, Klein, Mismas & Gega. The 3000 perhaps not so strong but should still feature a battle between Our Laura & Klosterhalfen for gold with Courtney, Grovdal, Reh & Koster perhaps all vying for bronze. The 60 Hurdles is pretty stacked - Dutkiewicz, Herman, Roleder, Visser & Talay closely followed by a bunch of women hovering around the 8-flat mark. Not many big names missing in the field events either, as far as I can see. The Pentathlon of course suffers for the loss of Thiam but otherwise it looks a pretty strong field.

    On the men's side, the aforementioned weak 60m really is up for grabs. The men's 400 with the Belgians & Hudson-Smith not competing is only marginally better but at least it has Warholm, Maslak & Husillos. Lots of names missing from the 800 too means it could go several ways. The 1500 isn't much stronger but at least has some star power with the Ingebrigtsens, Jakob & Filip, as well as Lewandowski. A middling 3000 with the Norwegian brothers expected to dominate but O'Hare, Abadia & maybe Butchart hoping to crash their party. The 60 Hurdles is probably the strongest of the men's track events - missing Shubenkov but Ortega, PML, Pozzi, Trajkovic, Belocian, Manga, Douvalidis & Czykier amongst others shoud make it very competitive. Not terribly inspired by the men's field events. The High Jump could be decent if they find some form. The Pole Vault with Lavillenie, Lisek, Wojciechowski amongst others could be a highlight of the men's events. However, the Long Jump & Triple Jump look weak. There's some names in the Triple - Hess, Donato & Evora - but no-one has broken 17m this indoor season. Edwards & Olsson might have been tempted out of retirement for this one! The Shot Put looks pretty good, with most of the big names there. I can't say the Heptathlon looks terribly strong but, the missing Mayer excepted, standards are pretty low in Europe at the moment.

    So, in terms of great competition I'm expecting more from the women. However, it may be Jakob Ingebrigtsen who steals the headlines if he can complete the double.

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    British Medallists


    60m asha philip
    800m oskan clarke
    1500m laura muir
    3000m laura Muir
    PV H. Bradshaw
    Pentathlon KJT
    4x400m relay GB


    3000m O'Hare,

    Heptathlon Duckworth
    Event Winners

    60m Swoboda
    400m Sprunger
    800m Buchel
    1500m Muir
    3000m Muir
    60m H Dutkiewicz
    HJ Lasitskene
    PV Sidorova
    LJ Spanovic
    TJ Gierisch
    Shot Schwanitz
    Pentathlon Ndama
    4x400m Relay Poland


    60m Volko
    400m Warholm
    800m Kramer
    1500m Jacob Ingebritsen
    3000m Abadia
    60m H Ortega
    HJ Tamberi
    PV Lisek
    LJ Tentoglu
    TJ Evora
    Shot Stanek
    Heptathlon Van de Plaetsen
    4x400m Relay Poland

    TIE BREAKER 3k women 8.34.90


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      Lucky, i seem to have put my predictions for the meeting in the European Indoors section rather than the Prediction Contest ; please confirm that you can accept my Entry to save my having to write it all twice.


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        Start lists are out for Day 1 -

        Also, in the links on the right of that page, one of my favourite things, the Athletes' biographies.


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          Jakob Ingebritsen has a 1500 and 3000 with start times 80 minutes apart?!?!


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            Interesting Torygraph article on Holly



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              Pentathlon Time

              Equalling SBs (and SB from last year indoors in the 800m), KJT would score:
              60mh 8.27 = 1068
              HJ 1.93m = 1145
              SP 12.65m = 704
              LJ 6.46m = 995
              800m 2:16 = 870

              For a total of 4781. This would almost certainly be enough for the win given the EL is 4672. If she could chuck in a 6.75 LJ, a 1.95m HJ and had to go for the 800m she could get over 4900 but it looks like any attempt at the WR is unlikely, short of a surprise in the hurdles or (especially) Shot Putt.

              Emerson's PB (and SB) is 4544 which featured a sub-par LJ and HJ but very good hurdles and shot. If she jumps well she should PB, but a medal may just be beyond her.

              Elsewhere, it is a very young field, with the top 5 in Europe all under 22. Ndama and Shukh are the others who should get a medal behind KJT.


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                Looks like a great start from Preiner of Austria with a pb in the Pentathlon 60m Hurdles, and in 3rd place, Niamh Emerson runs a pb of 8.54... a very good start from the World Junior Heptathlon champion.

                Next up, KJT and the french youngster who is currently leading the world in Penathlon this year, Ndama.


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                  A good run from KJT, coming 2nd behind Ndama's Championship Best of 8.09, coming up with a season's best equalling 8.27 and 1068 points.


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                    First British dissapointment of the championships so far. With no Maslak in the men's 400m, Cameron Chalmers is now amongst the top 3 in Europe in the event and was looking to get into the top two positions to auto qualify. However despite execuiting a near-perfect race over the 300m, his final 30m saw him struggle and fade from 1st down to 3rd in 47.18.... He still has a chance to qualify, but with the way that 400m indoors is about getting the outside lanes, even if he gets into the semi-final, he'll likely get a terrible lane draw.


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                      2nd 400m heat now. And Owen Smith manages to do one better than Chalmers and comes 2nd behind Husillos of Spain. However the time wasn't that impressive, with Smith only managing 47.50, slower than Chalmers in the prior heat.


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                        Poor run from Haydock-Wilson in the final 400m heat. Started off in the best lane, right on the outside, but he never got involved in the opening lap, getting passed by event favourite Warholm easily and pretty much everybody else by the crossover point. And it didn't get any better as he faded on the second lap.


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                          Originally posted by MysteryBrick View Post

                          Emerson's PB (and SB) is 4544 which featured a sub-par LJ and HJ but very good hurdles and shot. If she jumps well she should PB, but a medal may just be beyond her.
                          Emerson hits an =PB of 1.87m in the HJ after a 8.54 PB in the hurdles. KJT over 1.87 too, the Brits the only two over that height.
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                            All three through in the 800m


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                              That was fairly impressive from Gourley. Yes, he should have qualified, but he did so with the minimum of fuss, taking control of the race when it mattered.