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2019 European Indoors PREDICTION CONTEST

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  • 2019 European Indoors PREDICTION CONTEST

    Are you all ready for another hotly-contested prediction game?

    I'll post the rules and info you need by Tuesday at the latest to allow you to get your entries in before the action starts this Friday.

    Briefly, it will follow the same format as the contest for Berlin last year - 2 parts ... Part 1 will be the usual "Predict the British medalists" (one point for each correct prediction but one point deducted for each incorrect pick). For Part 2 I need your input ... it will be "Predict the Champions" but I don't know whether asking you to pick the champions for all 26 events is too much. Would picking the champions in say 14 events (7 men & 7 women's) be better? If the latter, I will follow philipo's advice from last year and give you just one group of events that everyone predicts rather than (if you remember from Berlin) asking you to choose between 2 or 3 "equally difficult to predict" groups of events.

    The contest rules and requirements are now up in post #10 below.

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    I'll give it a go. Why not do the lot?


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      Lucky, when will the teams have to declare at the latest so we have all possible entrants??


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        Originally posted by philipo View Post
        Lucky, when will the teams have to declare at the latest so we have all possible entrants??
        There's already a PDF of the Final Entries on the European Athletics website.


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          Count me in


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            happy to give winners in all events.


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              Ok, 3 out of 3 have voted for Pick the Champions for all 26 events. So, that is what we shall do!

              I will post the rules & supporting info early tomorrow.


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                2019 European Indoor Championships Prediction Contest

                There's 2 parts plus a tiebreaker. Please provide your predictions in the order requested. It makes scanning your lists to tally up the scores much easier.

                If you need clarification on anything, please ask away!

                Part 1 - PREDICT THE BRITISH MEDALISTS
                Predict which British athletes you think will win medals. You do not need to specify which colour medal you think they will win but you do need to specify which event they will win a medal in.

                Scoring - remember there is some jeopardy involved, so while you score 1 point for each correct prediction, you also lose 1 point for each incorrect prediction.

                For the relay teams - just to be clear you don't need to name the individual athletes, you just need to say "Great Britain" if you think they will medal.

                Please predict all the women's events first then predict the men's and in the order the events appear on the Final Entry lists. You will find those Final Entry lists here.

                Part 2 - PREDICT THE CHAMPIONS
                Predict the champion for each of the 26 events.

                Scoring - 1 point for each correct prediction; No points are deducted for incorrect predictions.

                Again, please predict all the women's events first then predict the men's and in the order the events appear on the Final Entry lists.

                If there is another athlete with the same surname in the same event, please ensure you include your chosen champion's first initial or name.

                If you are looking at some athletes doubling, the timetable for the championships is here.

                Predict the winning time in the Women's 3000m final.

                In the past I've gone for a sprint event but I thought this is an interesting one. I think if you can predict how Konstanze Klosterhalfen will run the race you should be able to predict the winning time pretty closely.

                The Championship Record is Laura Muir's 8:35.67 from 2 years ago.

                The tiebreaker will only only used for the purpose of deciding the overall Prediction Contest winner, i.e., if there are 2 or more contestants tied on points for first place. Whoever is closer to the winning time (either below or above) would win the tiebreaker and the contest.

                The closing time for your entry is 9.55am on Friday 1st March. Up to that point you can edit your team as many times as you wish. Edits can not be made after the closing time.

                OTHER INFO
                If I become aware of any significant withdrawals I will post them in this thread. Since I might not catch them all in timely fashion, others should also feel welcome to post any such withdrawal info.

                If any of your Part 1 predictions is a DNS in your specified event you will not be deducted a point for that athlete's failure to medal.

                On the Final Entry lists be aware that a couple of nations including Britain have included their reserves on the lists.

                "Halfway" scores will be provided after Saturday's competiton when 10 of the 26 events will have been decided.

                ... ...

                So everyone, hae a guid yin!
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                  My predictions are not here but in the Indoor Europeans thread. hope that it has not invalidated my entry.


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                    Originally posted by philipo View Post
                    My predictions are not here but in the Indoor Europeans thread. hope that it has not invalidated my entry.
                    No problem, philipo.


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                      Withdrawals news:

                      Men's 3000: Filip Ingebrigtsen (but will still run the 1500)
                      Men's PV: Renaud Lavillenie
                      Men's 4x400: Jakub Krzewina from the Poland team


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                        1. British Medalists

                        60m - Kilty, Philip
                        400m - Doyle
                        800m - Oskan-Clarke
                        1500m - Muir
                        3000m - Muir, Courtney
                        4x400m - GBR, GBR
                        Pole Vault - Bradshaw
                        Long Jump - Irozuru
                        Pentathlon - KJT, Emerson
                        Heptathlon - Duckworth

                        2. Winners
                        M60m - Kilty
                        W60m - Swoboda
                        M400m - Warholm
                        W400m - Sprunger
                        M800m - Ordonez
                        W800m - Oskan-Clarke
                        M1500m - J Ingebritsen
                        W1500m - Muir
                        M3000m - J Ingebritsen
                        W3000m - Muir
                        M60mh - Ortega
                        W60mh - Dutkiewicz - if not too late to change (Saturday 12:43), I see Dutkiewicz has withdrawn, so Roleder instead
                        M4x400m - Belgium
                        W4x400m - Great Britain
                        MHJ - Tamberi
                        WHJ - Lasitskene
                        MPV - Lisek
                        WPV - Bradshaw
                        MLJ - Tentoglou
                        WLJ - Spanovic
                        MTJ - Aghasyan
                        WTJ - Gierisch
                        MSP - Storl
                        WSP - Schwanitz
                        Hep - van der Plaetsen
                        Pen - KJT

                        3. 3000m winning time: 8:33.50
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                          The Czech Republic aren't entered in the Men's 4x400.


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                            British medalists
                            Women -
                            60: Philip
                            800: Oskan-Clarke
                            1500: Muir
                            3000: Muir
                            PV: Bradshaw
                            Pentathlon: Johnson-Thompson
                            4x400: Great Britain

                            Men -
                            60: Kilty
                            1500: Gourley
                            Heptathlon: Duckworth
                            4x400: Great Britain

                            Women -
                            60: Swoboda
                            400: Swiety-Ersetic
                            800: Buchel
                            1500: Muir
                            3000: Muir
                            60H: Dutkiewicz
                            HJ: Lasitskene
                            PV: Sidorova
                            LJ: Spanovic
                            TJ: Peleteiro
                            SP: Schwanitz
                            Pentathlon: Johnson-Thompson
                            4x400: Poland

                            Men -
                            60: Barnes
                            400: Warholm
                            800: de Arriba
                            1500: Jakob Ingebrigtsen
                            3000: Jakob Ingebrigtsen
                            60H: Ortega
                            HJ: Tamberi
                            PV: Lisek
                            LJ: Nilsson Montler
                            TJ: Lipsanen
                            SP: Storl
                            Heptathlon: Urena
                            4x400: Belgium



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                              My picks:

                              British medallists:


                              60m Philip

                              800 Oskan-Clarke

                              1500 Muir

                              3000 Courtney, Muir

                              HJ Lake

                              PV Bradshaw

                              Pen KJT



                              60m Kilty

                              400 Chalmers

                              3000 O’Hare

                              Hep Duckworth




                              60m Kambundji

                              400 Sprunger

                              800 Oskan-Clarke

                              1500 Muir

                              3000 Muir

                              60h Roleder

                              HJ Lasitskene

                              PV Stefanidi

                              LJ Spanovic

                              TJ GIerisch

                              Shot Schwanitz

                              Pen KJT

                              4x4 GBR


                              60m Kilty

                              400 Warholm

                              800 Tuka

                              1500 Jakob Ingebrigtsen

                              3000 Jakob Ingebrigtsen

                              60h Martinot-Lagarde

                              HJ Tamberi

                              PV Lisek

                              LJ Tentoglu

                              TJ Hess

                              Shot Stanek

                              Hep Van der Plaetsen

                              4x4 Belgium

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