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British Championships 24-25th August

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  • Did anyone make a list of who's already automatically qualified? I'm moving house this week and can't be bothered to go to the effort of checking standards etc. 🤣


    • Mightypaul
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      I think the following:
      Men: 100 (Edoburun, Gemili); 200 (Gemili, Hughes); 400 (Hudson-Smith); 1500 (Kerr, Gourley); 5000 (Butchart); 3000SC (Seddon); Marathon (Griffiths, Hawkins); 20kW (Bosworth, Wilkinson); 50kW (Corbishley, King); PV (Coppell); TJ (Williams); Hammer (Miller)
      Women: 100 (Asher-Smith); 200 (Dobbin, Williams); 400 (Diamond, Nielsen); 800 (Oskan-Clarke; Sharp); 1500 (McDonald, Reekie); 5000 (Judd, McColgan); 3000SC (Bird, Clarke); 400H (Beesley, Turner); Marathon (Jones, Purdue); HJ (Johnson-Thomson, Lake); PV (Bradshaw); LJ (Irozuru, Proctor); SP (McKinna). Presumably KJT for Heptathlon too.

    • FastTrack
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      Also Duckworth in the decathlon

    • Ladyloz
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      I make it 44 names either already selected or definitely qualified, 42 if you take out Fatah & Twell who are running Marathons in the autumn. Add in discretionary picks and relays I suspect the final total will be around 70.

  • I wouldn't be too worried on Hughes' performances in the trials. Last year got beat by Prescod, but delivered come the Europeans.

    If we're assuming the relay would be made up of Gemili, Edoborun, Hughes, Ujah, NMB, Francis (potentially Kilty), I'd go with a 4x100 of Ujah, Hughes, Gemili, Edoborun/NMB. Edoborun is on form, but NMB's experience of the final leg and 2017 will go in his favour


    • Really wish KJT had done the LJ at the weekend. After her longest jump for 4 years the week before, she still needs to nail her run up. On a less positive note, with 5 weeks until Doha, athletic fans heard the phrase guaranteed to give them palpitations 'KJT is trying out a new SP technique'


      • CAML
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        I don't think it's possible after 2015/16 to enjoy a KJT heptathlon. Feast or famine, despair or euphoria. That's her brand, a very lucrative one too.