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Former national coach prosecuted

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  • Former national coach prosecuted Just seen this on the BBC sport site. This was from the 80's apparently. I seem to recall another coach onvolved with the UK national set up being prosecuted for activities that had occurred 15 or so years previously. This seems to be a trend as there are many of these cases in the media (Jimmy Saville et al) politics and in the rape gang cases that seem to be sweeping the north. It is a shame that sport is replicating society as there seems to be a regular number of cases where coaches are being prosecuted. Very sad on many levels and surprising that someone would get such a prominant role in the sport. Were their no red flags at all?

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    Oe from the 80s this week and you think you remember another one - quite a leap to “a regular number of cases”, no? That’s a massive slight and reads very poorly - the vast majority of coaches are upstanding members of the community in all areas, let alone this one.

    Absolutely right to flag when individuals do things, but not at all fair to push that onto others.