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Mo Farah - Final Mile - Product Placement ?

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  • Mo Farah - Final Mile - Product Placement ?

    What are the BBC rules on product placement ?
    Throughout this show Mo was clearly wearing branded trainers , and
    t - shirts
    Brendan Foster was he wearing branded trainers for a company from which he still receives payments ?
    Is this allowed ?
    Brendan let Mo off very lightly regarding his lengthy connection with Alberto Salazar .
    Again the obvious questions were not asked - why are we asked to believe that only the standard athletes in the training group were involved in the drug shenanigans - whilst the elite athletes who would benefit the most - and were the whole point of the massive investment - were somehow completely innocent and unaware of what was happening ?
    Simple questions that any journalist would ask - but something once again that the BBC were not prepared to ask one of their own .