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semenya loses appeal - out of worlds

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  • semenya loses appeal - out of worlds

    absolutely delighted with this. finally

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    I completely get why she’d keep fighting, but with all the rhetoric about her doing it for human rights and to fight the sexist IAAF, she lost some support. I hope the IAAF look to spread to all events, though, as it’s crazy to keep to a small handful, as you have to imagine strength events would also benefit, for example.


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      i assuming they were the only ones they could prove at that point


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        Her appeal is still on the table to try to overturn the CAS decision, this was just a reversal of the position that the Swiss court had taken to suspend implementation for her only whilst the appeal was in process.

        I hope the rules do get upheld for simple clarity and moving forward purposes, much as I am on record on this forum as being in some doubt as to whether I am in 100% agreement that the rules are necessary at all.

        It would have made a nonsense to have her allowed to compete at Doha, but other DSD athletes who haven't appealed but also who haven't medicated, unable to compete.

        I wonder when the appeal against the CAS ruling will have a decision?