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    been seeing some conspiracy theorists on twitter claiming she didnt jump 7 metres absolutely mental


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      Editing a comment
      *Sigh* Idiots are basing it off thinking that the mark she left was behind the superimposed lines of Vuleta and Iapchino, or that the 7m marker was shown at the wrong place on the digital distance tracker beside the pit.

      I replayed the gold medal winning jump several times and it's clear there are a couple of rake marks in the pit visible in the area that Sawyer's jumped into, but those obviously were not the marks she left as a result of her effort.

      Jaz jumped 7 meters legitimately.

      End of discussion.

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    A joyous performance by Jaz. Congratulations and good luck to her.


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      She was on BBC Breakfast this morning. Came across well and I have no doubt there’s a media career of some description waiting if she wants that.

      Reckoned she’d hit 7m with a marginal foul as a teenager to which my instinctive reaction was “Well, what took you so long then?”. But that’s not in the spirit of this thread!

      I do like a good pun, although definitely preferring a bad one, so the highlight for me was her wearing a jumper emblazoned with the solitary word……Jumper.


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        Originally posted by MysteryBrick View Post
        That's it, that's the thread...

        Name a better competitor on GB history? In terms of getting the most out of themselves when it counted?
        The only one that comes to mind is Christine. I think there's only 1 year when her SB wasn't at a champs