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GB 10000m record for EIlish McCOlgan 30:00.86

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  • GB 10000m record for EIlish McCOlgan 30:00.86

    At Sound Running Ten: https://finishedresults.trackscorebo...vents/10/Final
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    Holy Heck!


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      Marathon training helps 10km times! Not sure why more don’t do it, then add some speed work for a champs.

      Reminder how good Radcliffe’s record (solo effort in the pouring Munich rain) was that it’s taken someone of McColgan’s stature in these perfect conditions to break it


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        And apparently disappointed not to go under 30 according to Jenny Meadows.


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          Of course, if you're 0.86s off you've got to be wondering what you could have done differently! Great run from Eilish.

          Apparently Sam Atkin went through halfway in 13:35 and stopped, any indication as to why?


          • Occasional Hope
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            No, but I see he DNF his last race too (a 5000 a couple of weeks after his brilliant 3000 in January). Maybe an underlying injury?

            And of course he dropped out of both Commonwealth and European 10000 finals last summer.
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          If her Marathon debut goes well next Month, I wonder what event she will do in Budapest. One last attempt to win a global medal on the track? I think she has talked in the past about wanting to rum the Marathon in Paris but World Champs usually offer a better opportunity for medals in the Marathon as a lot of the bigger names skip them in favour of the big City races.


          • MR_ME
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            I imagine the plan is to do the 10000 in Budapest. The spring mararthon runners often struggle in the summer champs as there isn't enough time to recover and then build again. She still has unfinished business with the 10000 too.

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          Based on this run I would say a 2:18 mararthon is possible. She should be aiming for sub 2:20 in London anyway.