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  • Performance of the year by a British athlete

    Many people will probably nominate Jake Wightman's WC win, and in terms of historical significance and the scale of the upset, it's hard to argue against that, but my choice is Laura Muir's 5th Avenue Mile win. When was the last time you saw a miler, man or woman, strike decisively for home with 800m to go ? Laura has always been a gutsy racer but this was on another level. And it's not as though the opposition were sub-standard, it was a strong field. The head-on camera angle for the last few hundred metres made it hard to see the extent of her lead, but in the end she hung on for a very convincing victory. Wonderful race to watch, well done Laura.

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    Eilish beating all thEthiopians at Henglo is worth a shout too, although tbh Iā€™d stick with Jake, because it was done when it mattered most as well as being a brilliant run.


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      Seems a bit early to be calling performance of the year šŸ˜‚


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        I'm going with the U18's and U20's with my picks. Starting with the U18's, we were spoilt for choice in Jerusalem at the EU18 Championships as the GB women's squad hoovered up a ton of medals and produced record breaking performance after record breaking performance. You could make the case for Nia Wedderburn-Goodison's imperious 100m run to gold in 11.39, Faith Akinbileje's dominant 200m gold medal winning run, Cleo Agyapong's surprise gold, Ophelia Pye's 400m hurdles triumph, or Charlotte Henrich's 3 straight PB's to gold in the 400m. But I'm going go with Mia McIntosh's 100m hurdles victory as my UK U18 athletic performance of the year 2022. Dominated throughout the heats, semi-final and final and the 13.05 NR and Championship record she produced in the final was one of the finest examples of hurdling in that age group I've ever seen.

        As for the U20s, there can only be one contender.... Yemi Mary John's 51.50 gold medal winning run at the World U20s in Cali, Columbia. We've never had a women's gold medallist in that discpline at the WU20's, in fact, the UK had never managed a spot on the podium in the entire history of the championships! That all changed when YMJ crossed the line in the fastest time ever run by GB U20 (though due to the quirk of how these records are tabulated, in actually isn't a GB U20 record - Lindsey McDonald still holds that distinction, though when she ran that outstanding 51.16 in Moscow 1980, she was only 16 years old), displaying poise and confidence despite some pressure coming from the runners on her inside and outside.


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          There's so many to single out just one but considering how much quality there was in the event, Dina's 200 title defence in Oregon sticks in my mind as being very near the top.