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    A quite ridiculous 300m from World Junior 100m record holder Letsile Tebogo in Pretoria at the weekend. He ran 31.54, jogging the last 20 metres. His 9.91/19.96 pb's look set for drastic revision.


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      21yo Connor Bell (NZL) threw a 66.23 NR in the Discus at Geelong (part of the Melbourne Gold Conti Tour meeting). That improves the mark he set earlier in the season by 9cm.


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        Results from the Maurie Plant Meeting in Melbourne. A wind present affecting some results.

        The mile saw Myers, Cameron Myers born 2006 run 3:55.44 (1500m Split 3:40.60) the second 16 year old (after Ingerbritsen) to run a sub 4 mile. In the same race Jaryd Clifford ( a 2:19:08 marathon to his name) just failed in his aim to be the first visually impaired athlete to break 4 minutes.

        Fred Kerley a comfortable 200m win.

        A mixed bag for British competitors, without anything outstanding.


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          Re Cameron Myers in Melbourne - his 3:55.44 broke Jakob's World Age 16 best by 0.85s. With a 1500m best of 3:40.60 from January (and reportedly passing through 1500 on Wednesday in exactly the same time), Jakob's age 16 world best of 3:39.92 also looks to be on borrowed time. Myers has until 8th June to break that.

          Shocking news from Ethiopia. Besu Sado, 2016 Rio 1500m finalist, is facing life imprisonment for murdering her husband last August. Her 2 brothers were also involved. Of late, she'd been transitioning to the roads with 68:15 and 2:21:03 PBs.

          There's a good English-language article about Ekidens in Japan, a bit about the psychology of them, some cool Ekiden photos and a bit about Japanese distance running culture at (it's a 5-6 minute read)
          Brett Larner's comments about the TV broadcasts echo what I've said for a few years about on Japanese national TV broadcasts of road races (including Ekidens). They're next-level stuff and so much could be learned and copied from them by road race broadcasters in other countries.​


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            A really dominant run by Innes Fitzgerald to win the u17 event at the English Cross Country championships. She looked pretty shattered at the end though.


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              The Osaka Marathon was extraordinary.

              Only in Japan would you see a lead group of over 50 athletes going through halfway on 2:06:40 pace! About two-thirds of them were Japanese. At the 30km point there was still 42 of them in the lead group on sub-2:07 pace.

              The result was a ton of PBs for Japanese athletes including big runs for two 24yo debutantes - Kazuya Nishizawa, 2:06:45 in 6th, and Yohei Ikeda, 2:06:53 in 7th (the two fastest JPN debuts ever). In 12th place, the legend Yuki Kawauchi was only 8s off his PB with 2:07:35.

              Hailemaryam Kiros (ETH) won in 2:06:01 from Commonwealth Champion Victor Kiplangat (UGA), 2:06:03 - the latter is Jacob Kiplimo's brother. And the PBs didn't stop with the Japanese athletes. For example, Stephen Mokoka (RSA) ran 2:06:42 in 5th and in 29th, Mongolia's Jamsan Olonbayar ran 2:08:58, just missing the NR by 8s.

              It must be a race of historic depth (the deepest ever?) with 8 inside 2:07, 18 inside 2:08, 29 sub-2:09 and 35 inside 2:10.

              Helen Bekele Tola won the Women's race in 2:22:16.

              In 3rd was 24yo Momoka Watanabe in her third marathon, taking over 7 minutes off her PB! Running 2:23:08 (# 22 Japan all-time), she just failed to become the 10th Japanese woman to run sub-2:23 in the last 14 months alone. For context, only 8 American women & 2 British women have ever run sub-2:23 !​


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                Originally posted by LuckySpikes View Post
                Meetings continue to be added to the 2023 Continental Tour schedule ...

                So, of the 6 active continents, 4 are now well covered. There's still work to do to address Asia and South America ...

                For Asia there's 7 Japanese meetings currently and the Kazakhstan meeting but nothing inbetween (India maybe?)
                However, South America has nothing so far. They do though have a decent and well-supported continental circuit of established international meetings - the Grand Prix Sudamericano - and I'm sure that WA could encourage a few of those to become Bronze or Challenger meetings. Last year, Brazil also held a couple of decent international meetings (one of them Bronze).
                Well, that's solved that issue ... World Athletics has added 23 South American meetings to the 2023 Continental Tour calendar!

                My only issue would be that most of them are Challenger meetings - all except those 3 meetings otherwise indicated below.

                I think this will be the 19th season of the Grand Prix Sudamericano circuit and usually these meetings have good representation by athletes from across the continent. You'll see that nations have a couple of meetings at a time on consecutive days or with a day inbetween - designed, I think, to make it more worth it for foreign athletes travelling the long distances if there's 2 meetings to compete in.
                You'll also notice that they have a very long outdoor season (March to November) - a) because they can, I suppose! and b) they don't have an indoor circuit. I believe there's only one WA-certified indoor facility in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

                25 Mar - Grand Prix Sudamericano Estrella Puente (San Carlos, URU)
                26 Mar - Grand Prix Sudamericano Darwin Piñeyrua (San Carlos, URU)
                10 Apr - Grand Prix Sudamericano Memorial Maximo Viloria (Lara, VEN)
                12 Apr - Grand Prix Sudamericano Memorial Asnoldo Devonish (Caracas, VEN)
                13 Apr - Grand Prix Sudamericano Memorial Brigido Iriarte (Barinas, VEN)
                5 May - Grand Prix Sudamericano Andres Calonge (Concepción del Uruguay, ARG)
                7 May - Grand Prix Sudamericano Huga Mario La Nasa (Concepción del Uruguay, ARG)
                10 May - Grande Prêmio Internacional Brasil (São Paulo, BRA) - Bronze
                19 May - Grand Prix Sudamericano Orlando Guaita (Copiapó, CHI)
                21 May - Grand Prix Sudamericano Ciudad de Santiago (Santiago de Chile, CHI)
                3 Jun - Grand Prix Sudamericano Mario Paz Biruert (Cochabamba, BOL)
                4 Jun - Grand Prix Sudamericano Julia Iriarte (Cochabamba, BOL)
                17 - 18 Jun - Grand Prix Sudamericano Richard Boroto (Guayaquil, ECU)
                23 Jun - Aliann Pompey Invitational (Leonora, GUY) - Bronze
                1 Jul - Grand Prix de Ecuador (Guayaquil, ECU) - Bronze
                8 Sep - Grand Prix Sudamericano Pedro Gálvez Velarde (Lima, PER)
                10 Sep - Grand Prix Sudamericano Santa Inés Melchor Huiza (Lima, PER)
                1 Oct - Grand Prix Sudamericano Juan Carlos Dirzka (Buenos Aires, ARG)
                4 Oct - Grand Prix Sudamericano Primavera de Santiago (Santiago de Chile, CHI)
                6 Oct - Grand Prix Sudamericano Jorge Grosser (Coronel, CHI)
                7 Oct - Grand Prix Sudamericano Marlene Ahrens (Concepción, CHI)
                14 - 15 Oct - Grand Prix Internacional de Barranquilla (Barranquilla, COL)
                11 Nov - Grand Prix de Paraguay (Asunción, PAR)


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                  Taking place this Sunday (early hours UK time) is The TEN meeting in California - the place where 10,000m runners go to run times they'll never match anywhere else!

                  Unfortunately, the stream is Pay-Per-View (6 dollars) so it won't be listed it in the weekend's Live Streaming Links (and out of principle, I will be refusing to pay! I don't mind paying 6 dollars if I'm getting a few meetings for that but not for one meeting, unless it's really special).

                  Anyway, there's 4 'pro' races, termed "US" and "World" (though the US race isn't restricted to US athletes). Presumably, the paces will respectively be set at the times needed to qualify for the US Championships/Trials (27:50 & 31:45) and for the World Championships (27:10 & 30:40) although in the Women's "World" race I suspect there will be also be separate pacers for Monson & Cranny to have a crack at the American Record (Molly Huddle's 30:13.x).

                  Amongst those due to race (British athletes in bold) ...

                  Women's World 10,000: Infeld, Cranny, Rogers, Inglis, Monson, Dom Scott, Laura Galvan, Tirunesh Dibaba - after a 71.xx HM 6 weeks ago in her first race in 4 years, I'm really not sure how competitive Dibaba will be.
                  Eilish McColgan was on the list a couple of days ago but isn't now.

                  Men's World 10,000: Kincaid, Ben Connor, Dever, McGorty, Klecker, Mantz, Atkin, Grijalva (debut), Emmanuel Bor, Avinash Sable (debut), 3 sub-27:32 Japanese men incl Ren Tazawa (JPN # 2 all-time)

                  Full entry lists at the bottom of​


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                    The link at the bottom is (sometimes this forum adds something to the end of URLs - not visible in the post - which means the page doesn't load)

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                    the list on the website now seemingly has Eilish back in and Connor out. No Dibaba showing either it seems.

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                    Ha, in the Men's 1500 there's a Peter Herold (runs for UCLA). Any relation I wonder to Jens-Peter Herold, GDR mid-distance runner in the 80s & early 90s? ... Probably not.

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                  Emile Cairess has just broken the European record for 10 miles, ahead of his London Marathon debut next month 45.55. AW (@AthleticsWeekly) / Twitter


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                    Nice pay day too - £5,000. They put on some good races that Podium 5k lot (when they're measured correctly of course - ref Beth Potter's "World Record")

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                    I'm very excited about Cairess' debut... between him and Marc Scott, that's two of the best British marathon prospects ever starting the event this year.

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                    Breaks Richard Nerurkar's 29 year old European, British, Yorkshire (and Bradford Grammar Old Boys!) records. London should be good.

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                  In California behind Eilish McColgan (discussed elsewhere), Alicia Monson broke Molly Huddle's NR by 9+ seconds with 30:03.82. Three other American women smashed their PBs and went sub-31 - Henes & Rogers (both 30:48) and O'Keeffe, 30.55. Laura Galvan broke the 23 year-old Mexican NR by 6s with 31:04.

                  At the Tokyo Marathon, Cam Levins (CAN) broke Khannouchi's Area Record by 2s with 2:05.36 in 5th place. Eight men ran sub-2:06 with Deso Gelmisa just outsprinting Mohamed Esa to win, both 2:05:22.

                  In the Women's race two went sub-2:17 - Rosemary Wanjiru 2:16:28 and Tsehay Gemechu 2:16:56. None of the Japanese women ran sub-2:20 but Mizuki Matsuda had a good go. However, she paid for going out with the lead group on 2:17-flat pace for the first 8km or so, eventually finishing in 2:21:44 - 24s ahead of Ai Hosoda. Mao Ichiyama tailed off after about 7km, after also going with the lead group, and to her credit kept going to run 11 mins slower than her PB in 2:31.​​


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                    30:55 for Samantha Harrison and 31:16 for Jess Warner-Judd at the Trafford 10k yesterday - Harrison backing up her 30:51 from Valencia in January.


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                      A much better run for Harrison than her 70:47 at the RAK Half Marathon 2 weeks ago.

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                    Private Kiwi dust up at the top of the rankings with Gill equalling Walsh’s 21.80 WL.


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                      While it's great to see Jacko off to a good start for the year, it's a bit of a worry that Tom was so far behind. Have yet to hear any reason for the drop in performance from the previous comps.
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                    Originally posted by LuckySpikes View Post

                    Is there any elite distance runner on the planet who races more than Nozomi Tanaka? Probably not ...

                    2022 - 40 races !
                    2021 - 41 races !
                    2020 - 22 races (with COVID-enforced lay-off for 4 months)​
                    At the Sydney Track Classic tomorrow the awesome Nozomi Tanaka is running the 800 then 48 minutes after that's finished she's running the 3000 as well !


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                      @ Lucky Spikes - Peter Herold looks really similar to Jens-Peter - even his running style. I think you're onto something!


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                        Hold on - he's 6'2" - can't be Jens-Peter's son!

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                      Originally posted by Sovietvest View Post
                      @ Lucky Spikes - Peter Herold looks really similar to Jens-Peter - even his running style. I think you're onto something!
                      Hmm, looking at his roster page (which I neglected to do at the time) - - it seems this Herold is an all-American boy. His parents are Kelly & John Herold and his Dad also went to UCLA. Even if Peter was a nephew of Jens-Peter, neither Kelly or John is a common name in Germany.