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  • Some throwing WLs:

    Winkler mHT - 80.88

    Ealey wSP - 20.06

    Borge wJT - 66.50.

    But the standout is Brooke Anderson becoming only the 3rd athlete to crack 80m in the wHT with 80.17.


    • 80m Hammer from both male and female Americans, they've really developed in that event recently.


      • The meeting in Savona on Wednesday may only be a Challenger meeting but some of the fields are very good.

        There's some top British sprinters entered plus Scott Lincoln.

        Entry lists via


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          There'll be live streaming on YouTube.

      • Not loving seeing Coleman back winning...


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          Lyles almost caught him yesterday. The US Champs will be very interesting

      • At the weekend's East Japan Corporate Championships in Tochigi ...

        As is quite common these days at regional Corporate Championships, there were a lot of big name withdrawals. It probably didn't help either that the Golden Grand Prix was also that weekend. However, there were a few performances worthy of comment.

        Alongside Benson Kiplangat winning narrowly over Richard Yator in the 10,000 in 27:50.39, Soshi Mizukubo's 20.43 PB (+0.2) to win the 200 was probably the performance of the meeting. That's the third time he's run 20.4x this year but the first time wind-legal, and thus he improved his PB by 0.18.

        An update on Haruka Kokai ... After a couple of very good Ekiden legs this winter, I highlighted this talented 20yo as one-to-watch and she delivered with a 32:01 PB at 10,000 in Nobeoka 3 weeks ago. Here she was in the 3000 (really on the short side for her) and after running a second lap of 70s to bridge the 2-3s gap to the two Kenyan leaders she ran 9:04.56 with a 2:56 last 1000, an 8s PB and three seconds behind the winner Janeth Nyiva (KEN). So, for Kokai that's 3 PBs in 3 track races this year.

        Harumi Okamoto's season debut was tough - 9:26.9 for this 15:20 / 31:28 athlete after she had looked so good back in February, finishing 2nd at Cross Vallagarina in Italy.

        In the Women's Pole Vault, Misaki Morota added 12cm to her PB, winning with 4.32.

        At the Kysuhu Region Corporate Championships in Fukuoka, Benard Kibet Koech (KEN) ran a 27:07.71 SB - # 4 in the world this year. He's a fun athlete to watch, a bit ungainly and given to big surges and to sometimes over-stretching himself with the early pace.​


        • Other (non-British) results from the International Meeting Città Di Savona in Italy, including 2 National Records and a very long LJ (unfortunately just too windy) ...

          100 (+1.0): ... 2 Patrizia van der Weken (LUX) 11.18 NR - improves her own NR by 0.11 (ran 11.07 in the heats but with a 3.8 wind)
          100H (+2.0): 1 Hurske 12.80, 2 Graversgaard (DEN) 12.83 NR - improving her own NR by 0.01
          TJ: 1 Lafond (DOM) 14.68 (+2.9) - longest wind-legal jump 14.25

          200 (+1.6): 1 Reynier Mena (CUB) 19.95
          400H: 1 Samba 48.56, 2 Sibilio 48.72
          LJ: 1 Mattia Furlani 8.44 (+2.2) - only 1 other valid jump, 8.00 (+1.7)
          SP: 1 Z Weir 21.60​


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            Furlani showed he was a serious talent in winning the European U18 LJ and HJ last year, but 8.44m is the longest Junior Jump in history (albeit windy)!!!! And he's a junior next year...

        • Just picked up that Alekna has thrown 70.40 to back up his 71.00.

          His Dad ‘only’ exceeded 70m in 20 comps.


          • The Rabat DL entry lists are up -

            No prizes for guessing what event ends the meeting!

            Kerley, Jacobs, Omanyala & Bromell in the 100.
            Jakob, Kipsang & Nuguse in the 1500.

            The Women's 1500 must be the smallest field I'v ever seen for a DL 1500 (with Mouchet and (?) Naumov likely to be pacers). Still, it's got Tsegay, Freweyni Hailu & Linden Hall so mustn't grumble.​


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              I thought the same when I saw the 1500 entry list. I would expect some late additions to the field. Also good to see MHS in the 400 alongside AHW.

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              Marcel Jacobs a scratch already! “Lombo-sacral nerve” it says here. Bad back ain’t it?
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          • Just trawled through the BMC entry lists for Saturday and there were a few that caught the eye. In the 800M Alex Botterill runs his first 800M of the season after opening impressively with a 3:42 1500M. In the 800M A race it's the new kid on the block Phoebe Gill up against Lynsey Sharp. And a similar matchup in the 1500M with Abigail Ives against Sarah Macdonald. In the 5000M Will Barnicoat and Emile Cairess are down to run and Piers Copeland looks the standout in the Emsley Carr Mile.


            • Ian Hodge reported a super 6.73 pb for Lucy Hadaway. She’s really getting up into world class territory now.


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                She is starting to get into that range now, yeah. Jumping 6.70m+ is likely to win you a lot more competitions than losing them. Also, consistency in this range will garner Hadaway more invites to continental meetings, and eventually Diamond League meetings too.

                It's still a tall order to get the (ridiculously steep in my view) World Championship qualifying standard of 6.85m, but with the way she's been jumping so far, I wouldn't put it passed Hadaway in achieving it.

            • On days 1 & 2 of the four-day Kansai Region University Championships in Nagai, Japan ...

              Much of the action hasn't been of the highest order (though still not bad) but there has been entertaining racing and a cracking atmosphere generated from the stands by the teams chanting, cheering and sometimes dancing.

              The most significant race so far in terms of the national collegiate picture was the Women's 10,000.

              After I'd hyped the Women's 10,000 in Nobeoka 3 weeks ago and it turned out to be a bit of a damp squib, I was somewhat nervous having done the same for the 10,000 here. However, the girls did me (and themselves) proud this time. It was a good race with 3 women who'll be representing Japan at the World University Games (Universiade) in late July - Hikaru Kitagawa, Rio Einaga & Tomo Muramatsu.
              The slightly surprise package was Miku Isono who got into the breakaway group of 4. In fact, after Einaga had led most of the race, it was Isono who upped the pace with about 3km to go, covering the next 1000m three seconds quicker than the prior kilometres. But, it wasn't enough to shake off the classy trio behind her. Hikaru Kitagawa always looks like she's having to work harder than the other athletes (maybe it's her more "active" arms that give that impression), however ...

              She clearly had plenty left in the tank and had a very impressive kick, blitzing the last 400 in 66 seconds to win in a click over 33 minutes. Muramatsu was second 3s back & Einaga 3rd. Isono was rewarded with a 19s PB in 4th.

              All of the above except Einaga are due to race the 5000 on Sunday. As third year students Muramatsu & Einaga will have another year in the University ranks.

              You can watch the finish here, joining the race with just over 600m to go Isono is still leading and Hikaru Kitagawa in the all-red kit -

              In the Men's 4x100 final Kansai University stormed away to a 38.91 CR and in the Women's, Konan University also broke the CR with 44.83. They had one of the very few 1st year student winners in their team - Miu Kurashige won the W 100 final in 11.63 (+0.0).​


              • Oh, well played European Athletics!

                They've just announced further Conti Tour Silver & Bronze meetings that they're going to live stream (with English comms) and crucially they include:
                • All the French meetings which you may recall are now behind the French Federation's paywall - without EA's intervention it would have cost £9 (for 2 months subs) if you wanted to watch all those meetings this summer. You might remember that during the indoor season they also showed several of the French meetings. Again, these were only otherwise accessible behind the paywall.
                • Two meetings in Finland and Sweden for which the TV broadcasts are geo-blocked. Hopefully, they're working on getting the 8 or 9 other Finnish & Swedish meetings too, all currently geo-blocked.
                They say there's more live streams to be added - currently it only goes up to 17th July.

                The current list can be found at

                It's also great that in recent years they've been routinely live streaming the European 10,000m Cup, the European Race Walking Team Championships & the European Champion Clubs Cup XC. These were all events that were previously more difficult to watch (or impossible sometimes).

                So, I'm going to email European Athletics to tell them they're doing a fantastic job getting these live streams. Maybe other people might want to as well? Perhaps the more people that show appreciation, the more motivated they will be to continue doing this for many years to come?​


                • Paul7711
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                  Great news and will certainly be contacting European Athletics to thank them for the increased coverage .
                  Fully appreciate what they are doing - but the icing on the cake would be a weekly highlight programme .
                  Football has Match of the Day - athletics would benefit from a similar show .

              • Results from the Bronze meetings yesterday & tonight ...

                Cyprus International Meeting (Limassol)

                400: 1 Attila Molnar (HUN) 44.98 PB, 2 Ed Faulds 46.04 - Massive PB for the 21yo Molnar (previous bests 46.45 indoors 2023 and 46.67 outdoors last year)
                LJ: 1 Tentoglou 8.26, 2 Montler 7.96

                LJ: 1 Lucy Hadaway 6.73 PB, 2 Agate de Sousa (STP) 6.69 ... 7 Irozuru 6.22 - Hadaway beat a good field here!

                Disappointing British performances otherwise.

                Meeting Jaén Paraíso Interior (Andújar, ESP)

                800: 1 Yanis Meziane (FRA) 1:45.39 (PB by 0.13s; 21yo) ... 5 Jesus Tonatiu Lopez (MEX) 1:46.45
                1500: 1 Kamar Etyang (KEN) 3:36.35 ... 3 James West 3:37.34 ... 9 Grice 3:39.71, Archie Davis DNF - Not sure what happened to Davis. Grice going backwards over the last 200
                Hammer: 1 Merlin Hummel (GER) 76.28 PB

                200 (+0.2): 1 Ama Pipi 23.08
                5000: 1 Mekedes Alemeshete (ETH) 15:24.92, 2 Hannah Nuttall 15:25.28, 3 Eloise Walker 15:26.00 ... 9 Alex Millard 15:43.41 PB - Decent 5000 debut for Hannah and a nice run by Eloise. It was paced for around 15:30 (3000 reached in 9:20)
                3000SC: 1 Tatiane Raquel da Silva (BRA) 9:38.27
                Shot Put: 1 Maria Belen Toimil 18.19 ... 7 Amelia Strickler 16.60​


                • I've just watched 17 year old Jana Koscak, winner of the European U18 heptathlon last year, just run a massive PB in the 100m hurdles of 13.26 (+1.2), taken exactly 0.50 off her previous best over the senior hurdles set last month. This kid is going to be really special!


                  • Originally posted by RunUnlimited
                    I've just watched 17 year old Jana Koscak, winner of the European U18 heptathlon last year, just run a massive PB in the 100m hurdles of 13.26 (+1.2), taken exactly 0.50 off her previous best over the senior hurdles set last month. This kid is going to be really special!
                    This is such an exciting time for heptathlon. I
                    know we’ve seen youngsters before who we all thought could hit 7000+ points and they fizzled out for whatever reason, but Anna Hall could very feasibly do it by tomorrow evening while Jana looks like more than the real deal.