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    Athletics chiefs will be open to a get-out deal to quit the London Stadium after spiralling £1.8 million losses painted a bleak future for the sport. The disast

    Its been mooted often and may not happen for sure but I'd be surprised if there is still athletics being held there in a decades time.

    As much as you would want a presence in the capital (hello Crystal Palace) I think it's hard to justify the cost unless we get the 2036 Olympics. Maybe the World Champs, but is that enough? Football is the only use we can find (which puts it above other stadiums).

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    It's still going in the direction predicted ten years ago. The die was cast when football became the main tenant.
    As time goes on UKA have less and less bargaining power.


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      UK Athletics chief admits concern about finances gives him sleepless nights

      I put this link in here as its worth a read and confirms 'Diamond League' for [at least] two more seasons at the London stadium


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        Interesting Re: parlous state of finances, with no sign of any new sponsors or a TV deal.

        And of course one reason why I don't necessarily think it's inevitable that the Olympic Stadium track will go is the potential revenue one gets from the Olympic Stadium. Likely bums on seats will be more than double that of the new Stadium in Birmingham (where the capacity is 18,000 now) could even be close to triple if they hit the top end of projections for ticket sales.

        I thought the comments on future national championships were interesting. Bit of a snub to Birmingham if so. I have long been in favour of spreading the champs around a bit but there still needs to be decent facilities for fans and athletes. I wasn't overly impressed when I went to the Manchester Stadium for Olympic trials in 2021. It looked exactly what it is - a 20 year old facility used as warm up for the Commonwealth Games with some ramshackle stands. Fine for a BMC meeting or similar but not great for a British Champs.


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          just as an aside for those interested ...

          London Stadium to be covered in solar panels to generate power

          On one level it is heartening to know that the stadium has not turned out to be a 'white elephant' as many naysayers predicted back in the days when it was being built.

          I still maintain that UK Athletics should withdraw from here for all but any future World/Olympic staging. It purportedly costs mllions to convert into track which makes turning this venture into the profit, UK Athletics deseprately needs, very challenging. Instead, yes I know I am repeating myself, take a healthy payment from the LLDC and return Crystal Palace into the premier athletics centre it once was...


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            A deal between UKA and the LLDC is looking increasingly likely. £15million the sum mooted in this article. The loses inflicted on LLDC are huge so I suspect that the pressure on UKA is as great from them as it is from West Ham

            We reported recently on the exciting news that the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the centrepiece of London 2012, was to host a major exhibition dedica...


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              Not sure if you’ll be able to get behind the paywall, but looks like good news for the redevelopment of Crystal Palace.

              London mayor pledges millions to revive crumbling Crystal Palace National Sports Centre



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              As some of you might already be aware the London Stadium is hosting Major League Baseball. The BBC write, 'Over two days more than 130,000 fans will pack into London Stadium, which has undergone an 18-day transformation to become a state-of-the-art ballpark - and it won't just be east London enjoying a slice of Americana this weekend.'

              I wonder how much this 'transformation' has cost - anything like the supposed £20m is takes to have the stadium in 'Athletics mode'? Perhaps the MLB might like to discuss with UK Athletics how they make this weekend pay...


              • carterhatch
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                the link to BBC

                All you need to know about this weekend's MLB London Series between the St Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs at London Stadium.

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                It's really big in the US, they probably get loads in TV rights.

              • carterhatch
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                don't disagree, OH...

                Memo to UK Athletics:
                first, sell TV rights to the event
                second, have a large indigenous following prepared to buy tickets over a minimum of 2 days
                third, if quoted £20million for 'change of mode', laugh in their face and get cross subisidised by another sport/event taking place in the arena
                fourth, ensure your 'stars' are in attendance - even if injured those who are 'funded' are obliged to attend to add value to 'festival' experience for fans
                fifth ...