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  • 22/23 Funding Lists

    Well the new funding list has been updated for the next year.

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    BBC Story.

    Britain's Adam Gemili, who has finished fourth in world and Olympic 200m finals, is left off the top level of funding for next season after a run of poor form.


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      Originally posted by Grassmarket
      I am surprised that Adam G he is even on relay funding. Expected Jeremiah Azu to be moved up and where is Reece Prescod?
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        Agree with the Prescod call. One legal sub 10 in over 3 years and poor in Tokyo and Eugene. I hope this is the wake up call he needs.


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          So at Podium level out go: Callum Hawkins
          Abigail Irozuru
          Lynsey Sharp
          Lorraine Ugen

          And in come:

          Matthew Hudson-Smith
          Daryll Neita
          Cindy Sember (up from Potential)

          Ugen will feel hard done by after World Indoor bronze, but no other surprises there.

          At Potential level:

          Molly Caudery

          Melissa Courtney Bryant
          Jessica Turner
          Jamie Webb
          Laura Weightman

          ​Oliver Dustin is very lucky to stay on funding, perhaps the powers that be know something we don't about why he was so rubbish this year.

          Still no 400 men on relay funding, I see, but AHW and Charlie Dobson appear on the lower and quite small Confirmation list:

          Jeremiah Azu
          Ellie Baker
          Max Burgin
          Piers Copeland
          Charlie Dobson
          Alex Haydock-Wilson
          Holly Mills
          Jade O’Dowda
          Ben Pattison
          Tommy Ramdhan
          Matthew Stonier

          Josh Zeller probably not included anywhere due to his NCAA status.


          • trickstat
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            I can understand the men's 4x400 situation as behind those 3 funded athletes it is really tough to call who else should be funded just for relays e.g. Bryer, Davey, Faulds, Mitcham..

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          Originally posted by LoveSprints1

          I am surprised that Adam G he is even on relay funding. Expected Jeremiah Azu to be moved up and where is Reece Prescod?
          Probably rewarding Gemili for finally leaving Rana Reider, but I agree he did not impress anyone this year.


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            seems about right to me - most of those removed have underperformed or been injured or pregnant for 2-3 years, ugen has never performed outdoors, prescod has been hit or miss, gemili deserves another year or so to get back to form


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              Gemili moving to Neita’s coach should be a good move


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                Originally posted by jjimbojames
                Gemili moving to Neita’s coach should be a good move
                I believe the new Coach was Reider Assistant until Aug 2021.


                • Ladyloz
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                  Yes. And it seems Jeremiah Azu has joined him also. The BBC article says he is London based but I thought he was based in Italy?

                  Also looks like Jaz Sawyers has left Lance Brauman's group and is now coached by Aston Moore as is Naomi Metzger. And Awuah has joined Gary Evans (who coaches MHS and Steven Gardiner) which could e a great move for her.

                  Disappointed no coach listed for Pozzi. The self coaching thing didn't work for him last year and doesn't seem advisable for a technical event.
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                • jjimbojames
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                  Big move for Awuah - really hope it pays off, as her potential never really felt fulfilled. Surprised at Sawyers - Aston building quite the stable!

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                What is the confirmation level?


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                Will McColgan feel hard done by? Or is it just the accepted "lot" that the might of the East African runners will automatically remove the potentail for an OLG medal?


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                  Answering my own question, her lack of finishing in the top 8 in either Tokyo or Oregon were her downfall I think. One more place in Tokyo and she'd have been past the first hurdle for Podium funding.


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                    I think McColgan is right to feel hard done by, but she needs to do better in world and olympic finals. It was just bad luck (and perhaps too much racing and traveling) that illness and injury struck at the wrong time for Oregon this year. I'm not sure how Pozzi stays on podium funding.


                    • SprintRelayFan
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                      I'd imagine a marginal call with him benefitting from that bronze in the euros, and of course he did manage top 8 in Tokyo. As and when Zeller wants funding I'd imagine he drops off.

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                    I appreciate that strict, objective criteria have to be applied but if I was given a £10k bet and told I had to pick two potential future Olympic medalists I would pick Burgin and Dobson ahead of anyone on the Podium Potential List. I think I'd pick them ahead of Pozzi, Sember, Sawyers and Neita, TBH.


                    • Occasional Hope
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                      Burgin's got the talent, but he has yet to put a season together uninjured.

                    • Sovietvest
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                      Yes - that’s clearly why he hasn’t got on a higher level of funding. But what a talent! By far the biggest male MD talent for us since the 1980s.

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                    Pleased to see Bird get her justified reward.
                    Cannot see why our two female HJers are on potential Podium.
                    Generally the lists are reasonable and Stonier and Pattison will be of great interest over the next two years.
                    I wonder wheher Pozzi and even Miller are in the last chance saloon for top level funds.
                    Not sure what Olympic Potential actually means; certainly Jesse Knight is very lucky to be Podium Potential. Why??
                    McKinna had a weird season with her futile change of style so will have everything to prove in 2023.
                    Marc Scott is also fortunate to be PP standard; outdoors he was dreadful this year and the selectors were desperate to give him preference after an indoors medal and nowt at all outdoors since late winter 2022 in the States.
                    A comfort for all our talents to know just one big effort in August next year.