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2022 European Championships - 15th Aug - DAY 1

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    Eilish can hold her head high, a fine run after a brutal summer.

    Superb run from Can, but I can't pretend the whole situation doesn't leave a sour taste. I suppose the Turks have to buy golds if they can't dope to them.


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      Regardless of anything else about them, the 'Turkish' distance runners seem to have an annoying knack of being just good enough to win European titles

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    Can just destroyed the field with that burst.

    Fine silver for Eilish.


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      I suspected I was making a mistake disregarding Can for the 5000m prediction!

      Not much Eilish can do to deal with a 67s lap 3km out (not 65s as the Beeb said).


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        Given what she's done this summer, that's a really good silver for Eilish. Fair play to Salpeter as well.


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          All credit to Can who put her whole focus on the European Championships this season.


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            Enjoyed day one : confess to doing the evening session via replays but the Eurovision site makes that pretty easy to do. Bit annoying that they left the w10000 for several minutes in the middle for the Shot final stages , as a lot seemed to happen while the race wasn't being followed ; but hey the latter stages were fine. Can really took off , eh ? McColgan can be proud of her performance anyway and another silver medal for her collection : seems to be handling a heavy work load rather well ! One more event to come... Judd might be feeling she is due a bit of a rest though.

            Loved that men's marathon : what a finish from Ringer ! It seemed impossible with even a short distance to go but he just ate up the gap in those last few yards - Teferi was helpless once he pulled alongside. Superb timing from the German chap đź‘Ť Seeing an amazing number of Israeli distance runners at these champs : seems only fair that Turkey doesn't get all the African transfers.

            Nearly all the GB athletes through their qualifiers. Particularly taken by the PV pair : Cook clearing at the last chance was an excellent result - was a very good clearance too. Nice time for a PB.

            Don't really know what to make of the sprint events with these "byes". Guess the semis will be more meaningful. Not sure I like the system but will let it play out before making a full judgement.

            Decathlon finish might be fun ? Big lead for Ehammer : surely going to be hard to run him down...but I guess we have already seen how easily things can go wrong in this event ! Hopefully the main contenders will all stay healthy and settle this on performance...


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              Kaul vs Ehammer - Kaul is about 500 points better in just those two events…they really are examples of how you can be complete polar opposites and still be world-class at the Dec