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2022 European Championships - 15th Aug - DAY 1

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  • 2022 European Championships - 15th Aug - DAY 1

    A busy morning to start the championships and the first medals should be won just before midday. Had Jess Piasecki and Charlie Purdue run the marathon here, they'd have been ranked 1 and 3 by PB. I'm still baffled and disappointed by their decision to run the WCh instead !

    British hopes of a gold medal to end the day, and a medal chance for Jess Judd too.

    Odd that the two Shot Put finals are taking place simultaneously.

    9:00 M Shot Put Qual A & B
    9:05 M Decathlon 100m
    9:25 W Pole Vault Qual A & B
    9:30 W Marathon
    9:40 M 100m Round 1
    9:50 M Decathlon Long Jump A & B
    10:05 W 100m Round 1
    10:20 W Shot Put Qual A & B
    10:30 M Marathon
    11:10 M Long Jump Qual A & B
    11:40 M Decathlon Shot Put A & B

    17:15 W Discus Qual A
    17:30 M Decathlon High Jump A & B
    18:00 M 400m Round 1
    18:25 W Discus Qual B
    18:35 W 400m Round 1
    19:05 M Triple Jump Qual A & B
    19:15 M 1500m Round 1
    19:38 W Shot Put Final
    19:38 M Shot Put Final
    20:15 M Decathlon 400m
    20:48 W 10,000m Final

    It remains to be seen what fractured coverage the BBC TV channels will provide and how many streams will be available on the iPlayer or BBC Sport website.

    If you have a VPN there's live streams available for everything! (see the Live Streaming Links listing)

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    35 minute press conference with Karsten, Femke, Sandra, Jake, Carolin Schäfer and Sophie Weißenberg -

    Odd that the 2 German reps are both heptathletes, neither expected to be in the medals? Maybe they're the only Germans they could pressgang into doing this?!


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      Ashleigh Nelson showing in the 100 heats despite being named as a reserve. Who has dropped out? Has to be Asha, Daryll or Imani as Dina cannot be replaced.


      • marra
        marra commented
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        If you look at the 100m entries page Asha isn't showing on it, which would imply her.

        That page hasn't been 100% accurate though, so I wouldn't rely on it as gospel. But it's an indicator.

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      Asha has pulled out due to covid.


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        The world feed is on the iPlayer.
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        • ozjohn
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          The feed I'm watching the commentary isn 't matching the pictures

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        20.64 for Scott Lincoln to lie third in SP qualifying with one round to go. Huge surprise if that doesn't final.


        • MysteryBrick
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          Qualifies in 5th, in the end. Excellent work. A top 8 finish for him would be good, top 6 excellent.

        • trickstat
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          Finished above my gold pic, Nick Ponzio!

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        First big shock - Mayer out.


        • MysteryBrick
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          I think he mentioned an actual injury - obviously Eugene contributed but I don't think it means everyone who competed at the Worlds will struggle (I hope not, as my other medalists are Uibo and Kaul...)

        • RunUnlimited
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          Not that much of a shock really, when you consider how close the World Champs were to these European Champs, plus the revelation from Mayer himself that he was carrying that injury since before the events in Eugene he told the interviewer. I hope he has nice, long break now and the focuses upon 2023 and the really big one for him, Paris 2024.

          His pulling out will of course open up the event and the likes of Niclaus Kaul and Simon Ehammer are right in contention for the gold medal now, as well as Marcel Uibo.

        • Occasional Hope
          Occasional Hope commented
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          I wonder if he might not sit out Budapest next year to keep himself for Paris which is obviously a big motivator for him.

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        Nice run from Ireland's Israel Olatunde, who runs a PB of 10.19 (+0.1m/s), and equals the Irish record in the final of the prelim heats of the men's 100m. He'll be through to the semi finals, when the big names enter the contest after their bye.


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          Originally posted by LuckySpikes
          The world feed is on the iPlayer.
          I was very confused. directed me to bbc iplayer! First time for everything , I suppose.


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            Simon Ehammer explodes out to 8.31m (-1.0m/s) in the 2nd round of the Dec long jump, a European Championship Dec Best!


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              In the Women's marathon there's still about 15 in the lead pack. Halfway at around 74:31.


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                Sophie McKinna scrapes into the final in 12th. Oladipo and Stricker miss out in 15th and 16th.


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                  The eurovision channel showed around 8 dedicated streams yesterday. Today it directs you to Finally found a dedicated stream for wPV alternating with wSP. Naturally, the icon shows Scott Lincoln! Go figure.


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                    Sophie McKinna sneaks into the shot put final as the 12th qualifier. Divine Oladipo and Amelia Strickler go out disappointingly.


                    • jjimbojames
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                      Hopefully a confidence boost for her, as the other two had the beating of her recently with the new technique still bedding in…

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                    The European champs always have a nice simple and straightforward results website. After the awful commonwealth games website its good to have it back.