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    Muura’s run almost reminded me of Semenya. A turn of speed and pace that her competitors just had no chance of competing with. The gut suspicion a lot of us felt when watching that run and the rather perplexed Steve Cram said it all for me. And this is not about being biased and hoping KH would win.


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      These days every African athlete is in danger of ridiculous accusations that they may just be DSD if they show a talent that is acceptable in non african athletes. It's going to be the same for Indian women because of Chand.
      Why should their faces and their physiognomy be immediately suspect if it's different from our western perceptions. Let not Brits on this site stoop to the shit one reads on TF Forum on this subject.


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        Just to confirm, you also believe most Americans are doping because of their history, but feel an issue with discussing this around Moraa (I believe the discussion was doping not DSD) is unfair?

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      Originally posted by Loop-guru
      "This is what I said on here on the 8th July. Unfortunately she messed up in the worlds and came good in the commonwealths and now here with a UK best mark that is true world class.

      "I would also add Eilish McColgan to the list and I think that Lizzie Bird will massively rewrite her UK record in the steeplechase to somewhere round the 9.10 mark. I saw her in the Morton Games beat Ireland's Sarah Healy a 4.02 performer at 1500m. Sarah has a decent kick on her but Lizzie left her for dead."

      I think she could push on towards 9.00 and be a real medal contender over the next few years. I believe there is more to come.

      Still have my fingers crossed for big sub 9.20 performances from Phil Norman and Jarmaine Coleman. Both now with impressive sub 3.40 credentials.
      It will need more than fingers crossed to see our male steeplers excel. Have a look at Seddon and Norman's performances on p of 10 this or last year. A performance below 8.20 is not of special significance when you see some British guys well in the past on ordinary tracks and no fancy shoes running somewhat faster. All time Brits performances is of interest.