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Birmingham CWG - Day 2 (Wednesday August 3rd)

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  • Originally posted by jjimbojames

    Ahem! Oh ye of little faith!

    Shes so emotional now - she needed this for the belief…
    Be serious . the win, though nice for her and congrats doesnt propel her into some top position in the world suddenly; her opposition was pretty meagre in this competition. Nobody knows what next year will bring, but pleasing to see her PB in the Javelin.


    • Originally posted by RunUnlimited
      Daryl Neita is going to go sub 10.9 in the final. Book it.
      You meant sub 11.20 i think. Well done for bronze but she was clearly disappointed in her run.


      • Originally posted by Christy93
        Kenyan sprint gold and Sri Lankan bronze!

        Hopefully not an injury for NMB, think he stumbled out the blocks then looked done.
        amazing no caribbean athlete in the final and NO jamaicans. Wow.!


        • Originally posted by felix51
          While the swimming talking heads pass the baton to the athletics talking heads , KJT throws a PB on iplayer! I have both on at the same time.
          Watched the events on my phone live and the BBC didn't bother to get started till the 10K. I put BBC on my tv with no sound to avoid the experts. What a blessed relief!!
          BBC showed the semis during the 10K.


          • Spare a thought for Dina, she’d have won that tonight.


            • RunUnlimited
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              Yep. Even with the World Championships in her legs, a fit DAS wins that 100m final.

          • Originally posted by treadwater1
            Neita could win the thing, she looked much better than ETH
            The cream rises to the top even though ETH is far from last years form. Are both Neita and DAS in the euros 100m.?


          • Originally posted by carterhatch
            as noted in her post race interview ... McColgan has competed in the 1500, 3000 SC, 5000 and 10 000, finally getting a gold... a very emotional experience all round...
            I have to say a great run with a good finish by EM who i watched run so moderately in Eugene; my comments before the WC was that she would find the weather a little too warm; it helped her tonight, but without any especial quality opposition ,you can only beat those in the race; she won because the conditions were better for her and she wanted it more than the Kenyans.well done McColgan.


            • Originally posted by treadwater1
              Spare a thought for Dina, she’d have won that tonight.
              Who knows?


              • The most impressive thing i saw today was Tebogos 200m in 19. point. Wonder if he can go faster in the final, say 19.85?? Didnt fuck about this time.


                • Blimey , Marilyn : I am glad you found something to enjoy in that session at last

                  Think you are being a bit ungenerous to KJT. The final score won't scare Thiam but as a step back towards the upper end of the event after all her issues I reckon that's a good two days work. And just nice to see a smile on her face at last. Obviously this one meant a lot to her and I am hopeful we have more to see from her next year or two...


                  • Originally posted by marilyn1

                    Be serious . the win, though nice for her and congrats doesnt propel her into some top position in the world suddenly; her opposition was pretty meagre in this competition. Nobody knows what next year will bring, but pleasing to see her PB in the Javelin.
                    No one is saying it is - but for someone who had not competed a hep since 2019, who is largely considered a confidence-based athlete, this will affect her more than many others. It’s not about the fear being put into Thiam, but the energy being put into KJT. She still has a lot of work to do (hell, she’s not even qualified for Budapest with this score) but a win here gives her belief she has some very sound foundations to build on


                    • jjimbojames
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                      It’s a mark of her quality that she’s top 8 in the world and people are talking about how far down she is on her best! It looks like fitness was the focus this year - very little specific speed work, as both hurdles and 200m down, which will also affect her LJ. I still believe she could throw 50m in the Jav, and she may well need to, to hold off the top ladies - giving away 200 points there is not an option

                    • Occasional Hope
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                      And she showed some competitive spirit which is another plus.

                      She needs to put in a good winter's work - and not get injured again - then we'll see what shape she's in next year.

                      Hoping for the best.

                    • CAML
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                      KJT will look at Sember running pb's after rupturing her achilles, and think with a fair wind she can be competitive in Paris.

                  • Just catching up, what an incredibly finish from McColgan. So pleased for her, she *earned* that.


                    • What a great run that was by McColgan, I'm not usually a greatdistance person but that race held my attention the whole way, she ran a really good race, I'm so pleased for her.

                      KJT may be well down on her best but it's great to see her enjoying herself and regaining confidence - two successfully completed heptathlons in such a short space of time must be confidence building in themselves given her injury history, and a javelin PB is great! Now if she can stay healthy and regain some of the lost speed next year, she'll be more competitive on the world level.

                      Pity Neita couldn't replicate her semi run in the final, but still, a good medal, and the semi run certainly showed her potential, I'm looking forward to the Euros 100m.


                      • As long as DN can hold her form to Munich, you would think that she's got a better shot there, especially if Dina doesn't make it 100% fit. Still, a chance lost here.

                        Lansiquot must be looking forward to the removal of fastest losers. Lost out by 0.01 of a second on a final place to 2 athletes who ran in a race with almost a metre per second better tailwind than she had.

                        Shame for NMB; hope he's not injured. Still think he and Hughes would have been better off swapping their events here - Zharnel could have been a very serious contender for gold in that race.

                        KJT did what she had to. The Javelin was nice to see. She improved 150 points from Eugene and was better in 5 of her 7 events than in the States - only the hurdles and 200m were better there. Nothing outstanding but nice to get a gold and hopefully a good winter.

                        Delighted for Eilish although I have to be honest, I didn't see that coming after Eugene. Maybe she only needs to focus on competing when the competition is in a relatively cool country?


                        • MR_ME
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                          What many are forgetting about Eilish is that a small injury and illness ruined her final prep for Eugene. Here she was back to the form we saw in Hengelo.

                      • Very disappointed in DN's run in the final. You could see the tension and anxiety in her face as she lined up with the other competitors before entering the stadium. Almost two tenths slower in the final than in the semi 11.07/ 10.90
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                        • trickstat
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                          I think maybe she struggled with going into a final as fastest qualifier and possible favourite (although would you have bet against ETH?).