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2022 European Championships (Munich) TEAM ANNOUNCEMENTS

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  • 2022 European Championships (Munich) TEAM ANNOUNCEMENTS

    Only 2 weeks to go! The last day of the qualification period was 26th July and all federations should have now received any invitations for athletes who qualified by world ranking rather than by entry standard. So, we should expect a flurry of team announcements over the next few days.

    I haven't scanned all the federation websites yet but here's the two teams I'm aware of so far ...

    Great Britain & NI (115 athletes) -
    Norway (46 athletes)- - The easier-to-read team is near the bottom of the article, under the "DEN NORSKE TROPPEN" heading (hekk = hurdles)

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    Spanish team -

    The Euro athletics website is linking info to the announcements it seems; probably saves trawling the individual federations.


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      Hard to read the Spanish team of 93 on Twitter (very small) so the image is at (didn't bother also linking to the relay teams.)

      EA will only do the major nations though. Yes, that's mostly what people are interested in but (obvs) smaller countries have interesting athletes too.
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    Finland have announced their largest ever team of approx 70 athletes.

    The announcement article is a bit tricky to decipher so I've laid out the team below.

    After the Finnish Championships (ending Sunday), the federation will name a third athlete in both men's & women's Javelin & the women's Hammer and also the squads for the women's 4x400 and both 4x100.

    100: Lotta Kemppinen
    200: Anniina Korttemaa
    400: Mette Baas, Milja Thureson
    800: Sara Kuivisto, Eveliina Määttänen
    1500: Nathalie Blomqvist
    5000: Ilona Mononen, Camilla Richardsson
    10000: Camilla Richardsson
    Marathon: Nina Chydenius, Annemari Kiekara, Suvi Miettinen, Alisa Vainio
    100H: Reetta Hurske (Korte & Neziri both injured)
    400H: Kristiina Halonen, Viivi Lehikoinen
    20km RW: Venla Laiho, Enni Nurmi
    35km RW: Tiia Kuikka, Elisa Neuvonen
    HJ: Ella Junnila, Sini Lällä, Heta Tuuri
    PV: Saga Andersson, Elina Lampela, Wilma Murto
    TJ: Kristiina Mäkelä, Senni Salminen
    SP: Senja Mäkitörmä, Eveliina Rouvali
    Discus: Salla Sipponen
    Hammer: Silja Kosonen, Krista Tervo (plus one from Sara Killinen & Suvi Koskinen)
    Javelin: Anni-Linnea Alanen, Sanne Erkkola (plus one)
    Heptathlon: Saga Vanninen
    4x100: TBA
    4x400: TBA

    100: Samuli Samuelsson
    200: Samuel Purola
    800: Joonas Rinne
    3000SC: Topi Raitanen
    Marathon: Arttu Vattulainen
    110H: Santeri Kuusiniemi, Elmo Lakka, Ilari Manninen
    400H: Tuomas Lehtonen
    20km RW: Joni Hava, Jerry Jokinen, Jaakko Määttänen
    35km RW: Aleksi Ojala, Veli-Matti "Aku" Partanen
    PV: Juho Alasaari, Tommi Holttinen, Urho Kujanpää
    LJ: Kristian Pulli
    TJ: Simo Lipsanen
    Hammer: Aaron Kangas, Henri Liipola, Tuomas Seppänen
    Javelin: Lassi Etelätalo, Oliver Helander (plus one from Toni Keränen, Toni Kuusela & Topias Laine)
    4x100: TBA

    As someone who watches all the excellent TV broadcasts of the Finnish meetings, I'm chuffed that they're sending so many athletes. Whilst they don't have many medal chances it's indicative that Finnish athletics is quite healthy and that they have increasing depth in many events.

    In other news, according to Norwegian media, Sifan Hassan will not be in Munich.


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      I think it's been fairly rare to see a Finnish 4x400 team in Champs since the '70s. They were Olympic finalists in the men's in '72 and the women's in '76 and I believe their national records still stand from then.

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      Yes, they have a few NRs remaining from the 70s including Pekka Vasala's 1500 record at Munich 72.

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      That comment got me checking the UK lists... no records from the 1970s, the oldest two are Coe in the 800m and Meg Ritchie in the Discus from 1981.

      Amazingly, the oldest women's flat track record is Paula's 10000m from 2002, with everything else apart from the 4x400m from the last 10 years.

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    Sweden's team of 53 with more names to be added including a full Women's 4x100 squad -


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      Danish team of 28 athletes - (Hæk = Hurdles)

      Top youngsters Joel Ibler Lillesø and Axel Vang Christensen are both included.

      Sadly, there's no Anna Emilie Møller - still on her way back after injury and she won't be competing at all this year.


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        Swiss team of 46 -


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          They keep on coming!

          This time, it's the turn of Austria and their team of 14 athletes -


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            Netherlands team announced -

            Only skimmed it but confirmation that Hassan won't be there. Bol is down for both hurdles and flat.


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              Next up it's the Azzuri of Italy -

              They are sending their biggest ever team and will be a real threat for a large medal haul I reckon.
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                Originally posted by marra
                Next up it's the Azzuri of Italy -

                They are sending their biggest ever team and will be a real threat for a large medal haul I reckon.
                Yeah, a brief and non-scientific "analysis" suggests to me that they they've got decent or better medal chances with 25 athletes/relays (15 male & 10 female). Obviously, they'll not all achieve that.


                • trickstat
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                  As I think I've mentioned before, they have revived after a period in the doldrums in the late 2000s and early 2010s.

                  Seems to be Germany in the doldrums now, which is interesting as they are hosts.

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                Portugal are sending a team of 43 athletes -


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                  France, also with a record-sized team -

                  They're claiming it's 101 athletes but I only counted 97 (before I saw the 101 claim). 97 would still equal their biggest team from Budapest 1998.


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                    I counted them as 101. Either they added a few after you did or you missed a couple of rows.

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                  Here's the Ireland team -


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                    Germany, the hosts, have 112 athletes entered -

                    Later on, I'll do another unscientific "analysis" and see how many decent or better medal chances they have. I suspect it's not going to be a huge amount, especially given that Vetter & Hussong are both injured and out of the Javelin.


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                      Slovenia are taking 24 athletes - (ovire = hurdles)

                      Slovakia's team of 19 - listed right at the bottom of (pr = hurdles)