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  • Originally posted by Ursus
    It’s been a strange one, but I’ve watched very little outside the athletics and some of that was a bit half heartedly. Maybe it’s just that there’s so much sport on this summer that it’s just felt a step too far…certainly as far as Mrs Ursus is concerned.
    Enjoyed the athletics but inevitable comparisons with the World Championships the week before. The same will apply to the European Championships.


    • drobbie
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      there was no black sabbath at the worlds, so the commies win

  • Of all the countries to pick up their first ever medal in Birmingham, I wouldn't have picked Niue in the top 10 most likley candidates, but the tiny island, population less than many villages, grabbed a bronze in the boxing. Well done them!


    • one of the big reasons I love the CWG is because for sports like Athletics, Swimming, cycling its the only time the home nations compete separately. Guernsey have our best male 400 hurdler is a great thing to see for example.