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    I have little to comment on the "who is doping" points because, frankly, I have little belief that ANY elite level athlete is clean.

    But on the subject of braces, it reminded me of a book that I recently read by Ben Ryan, formerly the coach of the Fijian 7s rugby team. Essentially, one of the first things that he found was that obviously they were hugely naturally talented but many of them suffered from health problems to do with things like their teeth that weren't solved in the way that they might have been in somewhere like the UK, due to things like poverty, cost and availability of health care etc. And that helping them get those things sorted, when added to their natural talent made them even more formidable.

    I'm not suggesting that all improvements from Jamaican sprinters can just be explained away by that, but I think we do sometimes forget that not all circumstances and backgrounds are equal. Getting into a structured environment where those things are provided can help. As, obviously, could copious amounts of drugs...


    • Pierre Johansson
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      That's an interesting theory, but a bit too close to my "twofer" theory... All jokes aside, some of the women who've joined his training group have been professional for years prior, and so I have a hard time believing those women could not afford braces or decent healthcare.

    • marra
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      By your own argument these are professional athletes but hardly world beaters before they join his group. So their earnings pre his involvement aren't necessarily great. We surely all accept that unless you are at the very top of the game, being a professional athlete is not THAT well paying, right? And that's before you get into any societal things.

      My point is not to imply that all improvements can be easily attributable to "clean living and looking after yourself", but neither should it be completely disregarded. Hell, looking closer to home, it's well documented how Reece Prescod's lifestyle choices have not always being great.

      So, sure, they may all be on massive amounts of drugs but also let's accept that being in a well run, well funded structured setup can also help. The two things are not mutually exclusive.

    • Pierre Johansson
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      I would agree on most points.

      I believe most doping coaches aren't just chemists... (a) they know how to coach, and (b) they know how to lure the athletes in, even athletes who wouldn't dream of cheating prior.

      From what I've heard (from people sympathetic towards Francis), some of his athletes look at him as a father figure and are fiercely loyal to him (bordering on worship). That kind of thing doesn't happen by him just handing them drugs, obviously.

      What I meant in my previous comment was that he didn't find these girls in an orphanage. They may not be rich, but I hardly think every single one of the girls/women needed, or, if they needed them, couldn't afford, braces. I can't be that naïve. But I get your point.