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GB & N.I Team Selection For European U18 Championships, Jerusalem, 4 - 7 July

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  • GB & N.I Team Selection For European U18 Championships, Jerusalem, 4 - 7 July

    First Championship of the Season is the European U-18s in Jerusalem, Israel start 4 July. Here's the team.

    Coverage is usually
    As mentioned by Grassmarket in the UK Outdoor Results thread for June, the Great Britain team selection for the upcoming Euro U18s was finalized yesterday and published this morning. I thought it would be worthy enough of having it's own dedicated thread for discussion about the athletes who are going to Israel in just over a fortnight's time, some of whom we hope in the coming years will become future regulars, if not stars, in the sport in the UK.

    The team consists of the following:



    Nia Wedderburn-Goodison (Andre Williams, Harrow)

    Renee Regis (Tamunonengiye-Ofori Ossai, BFT Track Academy)


    Faith Akinbileje (John Blackie, Blackheath & Bromley)


    Etty Sisson (Grant Barker, Charnwood)

    Charlotte Henrich (Carlo Monticolombi, Invicta East Kent)


    Iris Downes (Colin Lancaster, Shrewsbury)

    Ella Greenway (Joanna Evans, Cleethorpes)


    Annie Mann (James Mann, Southampton)

    Alice Bates (Shane Smith, Kettering)


    Jess Bailey (Matthew Long, Leven Valley)

    2000m Steeplechase:

    Rachel Clutterbuck (Shireen Higgins, Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow)

    Gabrielle Phelan (Sarah Kearney, Wirral)

    100m Hurdles:

    Mia McIntosh (Jake Awe, Harrow)

    400m Hurdles:

    Stephanie Okoro (Tony Benton, Havering)

    Ophelia Pye (David Hemery, Marlborough Athletics)

    Triple Jump:

    Libby White (David Watson, Ayr Seaforth)


    Cleo Agyepong (John Hillier, Blackheath & Bromley)

    Paige Stevens (Alison Grey, Falkirk)


    Ayesha Jones (Janina Pownall, Marshall Milton Keynes)


    Chisom Nwafor (Alan Hewson, Chilton)

    Seren Rodgers (Steve Shaw, Taunton)



    Dejaune Lingard (Ryan Freckleton, Cambridge Harriers)

    Teddy Wilson (Tamunonengiye-Ofori Ossai, BFT Track Academy)


    Jamie Carrott (Joe McDonnell, Charnwood)

    Dean Patterson (Norrie Hay, Glasgow School of Sport)


    Tendai Nyabadza (Andrew Ross, Harmeny)

    Corey Campbell (Alister Russell, Team East Lothian)


    James Knockton (Richard Goddard, Trafford)

    Edward Bird (Mark Pauley, Poole AC)

    2000m Steeplechase

    Luke Birdseye (Shireen Higgins, Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow)

    Oliver Patton (Robert Hawkins, Kilbarchan)

    110m Hurdles

    Daniel Goriola (John Gates, Bexley)

    Pole Vault:

    Will Lane (Trevor Fox, Sheffield & Dearne)


    Isaac Kambamba Delaney (Michael Kiley, Preston)


    Kai Barham (Paul Head, Dartford Harriers)

    Additional athletes travelling for the Medley Relay will be:


    Rebecca Grieve (Francis Smith, Pitreavie)

    Emmanuella Quaye (Andre Williams, Enfield & Haringey)

    Jessica Astill (Paul Keeble, Stevenage & North Herts)


    Tom Gaunce (Jake Awe, Dacorum)

    Jac Patterson (David Norton, Cardiff Archers)

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    Does anyone know if it will be streamed anywhere?


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      Occasional Hope As Grassmarket stated in his comment that I quoted, usually Eurovisionsports stream the event, and that's on behalf of the European Athletics website.

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      Thanks - I obviously didn't read closely enough

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    Great team there with a lot of athletes in the top 3 as it stands in their event. Obviously more could have been selected but the quota prevents that.


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      You have to be wary with an athlete of 17, but I do think Mia McIntosh is a special talent. I can see her mixing it with the Jamaicans and Americans in Cali, and she'll still be a junior for the next champs in 2024.


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        After seeing her run for the first time during the age group indoor championships earlier this year, I personally earmarked Mia as someone to look out for in the summer. And so far she has exceeded what I had thought she was capable of outdoors. I certainly wasn't expecting her to take down Lucy Jane Matthews U17 record the way she did last weekend.

        An exciting prospect.