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    I'm not sure if there's a topic on here already but I'm curious as to people's views on training (track or field), and any tips they might want to share - I coach junior cricket and am keen on sports and fitness training techniques in particular, and there are a few drills etc. that are sport-specific, although I feel that there can be a crossover between sports and that techniques from outside your usual sport can be used. I'm interested in what people who are used to coaching or participating in athletics would like to share in terms of transferable drills or training tips?

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    The cult of strength, muscularity has existed for a long time, confirmation of this is easy to find, for example, in the culture of Ancient Greece. Legends about the exploits of heroes who possessed remarkable power belong to this period. At the same time, the first dumbbells appear - attributes for the development of the strength of athletes. Even Herodotus described in the life story of Milo of Croton the basic principle of strength training: an athlete daily carried a calf on his shoulders, which gradually became an adult bull.

    The peak of popularity of this trend came in the 1980s, it is associated with the name of the famous bodybuilder, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    Now, strength training is necessarily included in the training plan of athletes and is available to visitors to sports clubs.

    Strength training: what is it?
    Most often, strength, or anaerobic, is called bodyweight and resistance training aimed at increasing muscle strength. At the same time, energy consumption is anaerobic - due to muscle glycogen, without the participation of oxygen.
    There are sports that focus on strength training. These include, for example, weightlifting, discus throwing, bodybuilding, shot put. Strength training is also used by representatives of team sports (for example, football, basketball, rugby, volleyball), because such training develops strength endurance.

    Intelligence officers also use strength training in training programs.

    Ordinary visitors to sports clubs choose strength training to change their body, make it fit, expressive, and improve health.


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      Endurance is very important in any sport. Therefore, you should include as many endurance exercises as possible in workouts. Everything else depends on the desired result, but endurance is necessary for any athlete. As for building muscle mass, sometimes only training is not enough. It would be best if you talked about proper nutrition, vitamins, and supplements, so that building muscle mass is effective. And of course, you should pay great attention to the rules of this sport because many athletes are breaking the rules now.
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        Healthy diet is the quickest way to get rid of fat. For gaining muscles, you need to work out and take supplements


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          There are many things you can try to get in shape. However, when you consider all the possible tips, you will see a clear pattern. So I will tell you about the most basic and crucial things that helped me achieve my desired body. First, make your workouts regular, even if they are easy. It's better to do fewer workouts, but more often, so you want to cry afterwards. Then, never forget to eat healthy. A typical American schedule doesn't involve much time to cook and eat, so you should make lunch at home from healthy ingredients and supplements. More tips at
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            Thanks for your answer, I'm interested too.