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  • Great news from Italy. Jess Piasecki (née Coulson) won the Firenze Marathon in 2:25:29 today, beating several Africans and recording sub-71 for the second half of the race!

    Brilliant stuff, putting her 3rd on the UK all-time list. I'm so, so chuffed for her because she's had a rough time in her running career in the last 4 years. The report has it wrong - her debut was in Frankfurt 2015 but she DNF'd around 30km (on 2:29 pace) when she got injured.

    There's highlights of the race at 9.40pm to 11.15pm tonight on RaiSport - (VPN needed)

    Over on the country ...

    What a season Portugal's Mariana Machado is having. She just turned 19 a couple of weeks ago but in the last 2 senior IAAF XC races she's been hanging with Rose Chelimo, beating her in Soria last week and today in Alcobendas she was just a few seconds behind her. Over these 2 races she's beaten all the best senior Spaniards and also Carla Salome Rocha today. Looks like she'll be the hot favourite for the Euro U20 title on home turf in a couple of weeks' time.

    The British trials for Lisbon took place in Liverpool yesterday with several athletes booking their spots. Ben Connor and Jess Judd were the individual winners. Presumably the team announcement will be this week because the championships are just 2 weeks away (Don't forget I'm running a Fantasy Euro Cross contest! )


    • Since it's so rare that a British woman wins an international marathon - if you missed watching it last night, here's the highlights broadcast of the Firenze Marathon which someone has uploaded to YouTube.

      They didn't have cameras on the women's race until the men's finished, so go to the 1:04:25 mark of the video to see Jess Piasecki's last 4km or so. She's right, it was a twisty course so she probably could have broken 2:25 on a more favourable course? Very pretty in places though with some fabulous architecture and running through the narrow, old city streets.


      • World Athletics have started their Year In Review articles a month earlier than usual - . The first one up a couple of days ago was for the Combined Events.


        • I have just posted a thread for the 2019 Fantasy Euro Cross contest but it has been blocked for moderation.

          Ridiculous!! The only links it contains are to the European Athletics website!

          However, I have PM'd AW admin in the hope it can be approved ASAP so keep your eyes open for it appearing sometime.


          • LuckySpikes
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            I have reposted the contest in a new thread without the actual links to the EAA's website.

        • Stewart McSweyn ran a 56/57 last lap at the Zatopek:10 to set a new Australian NR, 27:23.80, beating Ben St. Lawrence's 27:24.95 from 2011. Pat Tiernan was 2nd in 27:30-ish (official results site down at the moment.)

          In the women's race any chances of a fast time went out of the window after they dawdled through 5000 in a tick under 17 minutes. Genevieve Gregson, on her 10,000 debut, just edged out Canada's Andrea Seccafien for the win in around 32:48.


          • Here's the Track & Field News World Rankings for 2019 if you're interested:

            Men's -
            Women's -

            Explanation of how they compile them -