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    Alice Wright will be making her half marathon debut in Houston on 20th Jan. She's now part of the NAZ Elite training group based in Flagstaff, Arizona. Dewi Griffiths is entered in Houston also.

    This Saturday sees the Great Stirling Cross Country (on BBC1). They seem to have scrapped the individual junior races and replaced it with a mixed junior relay.
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    The new stadium in Eugene won't be ready for this year's Diamond League meeting so the meeting will be held instead at the Stanford University track at Palo Alto. Whilst it's a great venue for the Payton Jordan meeting, with only 2,000 seats I'm not sure that it's the best choice for a Diamond League meeting.


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      Ah, so close for Emily Sisson in the Houston Half Marathon! Just 5 seconds outside Molly Huddle's American Record with 67:30. Brigid Kosgei won in 65:50. Alice Wright will probably be disappointed with her 73:17 debut?

      Pretty decent run for Dewi Grifiths, 61:44 in 8th. Shura Kitata won in 60:11.

      It was very, very cold with wind chill making it feel like -4C.


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        Good idea, somewhat akin to the successful USA Running Circuit series of championship road races - - that frankie cahill & I enjoy so much. Now, the next step is to make sure that they're all streamed/broadcast!


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          Nice breakthrough at 10,000 for Scot, Sarah Inglis, based in Vancouver. She ran 32:36 for 4th in today's Pacific Pursuit race in San Diego. Some of her other PBs - 4:12 in 2016, 15:35i in 2019 and 73:36 for the Half in 2017.

          Alice Wright ran 32:56 in the same race. Kellyn Taylor won in 32:13.


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            She is now part of the NAZ Elite training group.
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