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Birmingham Diamond League - 21st May

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    Superb throwing from Ceh, he’s not far off Stahl’s PB and Birmingham isn’t particularly known for being a good place to throw. He’s 13-2 down to Stahl in head to heads but those 2 victories have come this year.

    I was impressed by Parchments time and race, that was only slightly slower than the time he ran in Tokyo

    In general it’s good to see Dina back in shape after last year’s injury


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      Originally posted by paul View Post
      Woah even the B w800 is loaded! Baker v Boffey v Selman v Hartigan. (With Ives and Feldmeier not out of the reckoning.) Pace called for is 58.5 apparently.
      If the weather holds, someone is going to have a big breakthrough.

      (In my dream world, it goes something like this: Boffey wins narrowly from Baker, quick; and in the posr-race interview she grabs the mic and roars "I'm coming for you next Hodgkinson!" :-) )
      Roughly right. Except that Ives was the one with the breakthrough. (And Boffey's roar only happened in her mind.) The conditions were not quite ideal for Boffey to go sub-2, but it is definitely coming.

      Does anyone know where there is video of this race?


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        Nothing on mhs? I thought he was looking good


        • Occasional Hope
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          Yes, better than he”s looked for a few years.

        • jjimbojames
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          I think he’s had a few false dawns in the past - he has the talent to be dropping good times/performances, but has failed to deliver for so long. His post-race interview was good, so hopefully this is his year to fulfil promise and step up

        • trickstat
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          Although he's a European champion, I'm not sure if he's ever beaten a stronger field.