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So we may lose athletics use of the Olympic stadium

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  • RunUnlimited
    What a sad, sorry state of affairs that is.

    A LOT of the blame should be laid at the door of the bumbling idiot currently squatting in No 10 Downing Street. When he was major, his legendary lack of attention and detail, allowed him to negotiate away the athletics usage of the Olympic Stadium, and gave a route in for West Ham to make a bid for it, when they should have been told to stuff it and build a replacement stadium for Upton Park.

    By the time Khan became mayor, the die had seemingly been already cast about the future of a venue which, lest we forget, had been built on the *promise* that it would be retained as a world class, multi-sports stadium with an emphasis on athletics.

    Some "legacy".... a decade after the London 2012 Games and 5 years after the very successful 2017 World Athletics Championships, we're just going to fritter it away to a football club for a fraction of the price it was built for.

    Thank the heavens that Alexander Stadium got renovated for the Commonwealths (and that the long-ignored Crystal Palace stadium complex seems to be getting a much needed face lift too).

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  • So we may lose athletics use of the Olympic stadium

    UK Athletics in talks to quit London Stadium and open door for West Ham transformation (