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    well at least kambundji won, been a disappointing day apart from that


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      Sophie McKinna *will* throw over 19m this year. Throwing the equal longest put by a British athlete in a WIC, and finishing 8th in the world, is pretty darned good.


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        Originally posted by LuckySpikes View Post

        Sovietvest says Rob Walker has too much of the Alan Partridge about him. I can see what he means but I enjoy Walker's enthusiasm and knowledge.
        And they are showing the medal ceremonies now, which is really great to see. Ah ha! I like Alan Partridge.


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          The long jump standings didn’t look great going into today’s final so I wasn’t expecting much but that was an excellent final. He’s not quite at the death, taxes and Tentoglou delivering at a world championships stage, but he’s not far off. I’m not surprised most people chose him in the prediction contest. Montler has become a very consistent athlete and deserved that silver. Another exceptional women’s shot final, two women throwing over 20m doesn’t happen often


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            A great days athletics; surprises galore, unexpected goldies; high quality in several events; reminds one that times and distances are not what really matters , its competition. So many athletes get shocked to find out paced and one off tour stuff count for nought when multi races are required for globals. Holly showed great courage today and KJT showed the LJ is still her bete noir. My prediction for the WC is that KJT will have a heck of a job to medal. Sorry groupies!!.


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              Originally posted by treadwater1 View Post
              Another exceptional women’s shot final, two women throwing over 20m doesn’t happen often
              I'm pretty sure I remember seeing a European Indoor Champs in the 80s where the women had to throw 20m to make the final. Glad to see the back of those days.


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                KJT was very very rusty, but at least she seemed physically fit and over all the injuries. Hopefully she can sharpen up in time to defend her title in Eugene, she was well below her best today.

                Holly did really well overall - a brilliant start with a pb in the hurdles, SB in the HJ (although interesting that she was disappointed with it), and she really went for it in the 800. Overall pb and so so close to a medal in her first global senior competition. Sounds like she's passing on Eugene for medal attempts at the Commonwealths and Europeans.

                Very disappointed Elliott Giles suffered an injury in the warmup, he was one of the real medal contenders here. Only really Keely as a British hope left now.

                Marc Scott ran his heat very confidently.

                Good for Perez standing up for herself when she was unjustly DQ'd and getting it overturned.

                McPherson showed Bol the best flat specialists can still beat her. SMU looked supreme.

                Surprise win for Kamundji in the 60; Swoboda looked devastated as she came past her giving her interview afterwards. The Americans did very well in every round, but will they be in evidence outdoors?

                I like Jeanette as the anchor presenter.


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                  Denise Lewis very nearly criticised KJT for withdrawing, maybe remembering she did a similar thing in 2004 so stopped short of doing so.


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                    KJT did say she only started full training in January so she should be much better come the summer if she stays injury-free.


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                    Agree with you Occasional Hope. Just want to mention the outstanding range of 60m fourth placer Shericka Jackson: 7.04s 60m, 10.76s 100m, 21.81s 200m and 49.47s 400m. She’s faster than Allyson Felix over 60m and 100m though Felix has the edge in the 200m and 400m.


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                      I wonder if we’ll see her back to the 400m again seriously, or if she’s sticking with the sprints for good

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                      I use to know a sub 47 second male 400 runner who I think would have really struggled to run 7.04 for 60m.

                      I can see Jackson going quicker than she has at 200m.