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2019 European U23 Championships (Gävle, SWE) - Thu 11 to Sun 14 July

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  • 2019 European U23 Championships (Gävle, SWE) - Thu 11 to Sun 14 July

    Some people question whether the U23 championships are worth it. Some of the athletes competing are already established on the international circuit at Diamond League or European meeting level. However, the large majority are not and it's this group to whom I think these championships are particularly valuable as they try to make their way in athletics and potentially make a living from it.

    Personally, I love championship athletics of all shades so I'll be watching keenly.

    Final entry lists -
    (1105 athletes representing 49 of the 51 member federations plus the ANA team)

    British team -

    How to watch it - There's morning & afternoon sessions on all 4 days. They're all on Eurosport and

    Having perused the entry lists these seem like the stand-out events to me in terms of depth (up-to-date PBs listed - a few on the entry lists are outdated):

    M 100 - Amaury Golitin (FRA; 10.07), Joshua Hartmann (GER; 10.16), Joris van Gool (NED; 10.16), Oleksandr Sokolov (UKR; 10.17), Marvin Schulte (GER; 10.18), Dominic Ashwell (10.20), Henrik Larsson (SWE; 10.20), Oliver Bromby (10.22), Kevin Kranz (GER; 10.24)
    M High Jump - Maksim Nedasekau (BLR; 2.33), Stefano Sottile (ITA; 2.30), Tom Gale (2.30), Alperen Acet (TUR; 2.30), Dmytro Nikitin (UKR; 2.28), Norbert Kobielski (POL; 2.27)
    M Pole Vault - Emmanouil Keralis (GRE; 5.80), Sondre Guttormsen (NOR; 5.75), Bo Kanda Lita Baehre (GER; 5.72), Charlie Myers (5.71), Adam Hague (5.65), Thibaut Collet (FRA; 5.62), Pierre Cottin (FRA; 5.60)
    M Javelin - Oliver Helander (FIN; 88.02), Alexandru Novac (ROU; 86.37), Cyprian Mrzyglod (POL; 83.88), Aliaksei Katkavets (BLR; 82.45), Patriks Gailums (LAT; 81.91), Manu Quijera (ESP; 81.31), Harry Hughes (80.32), Emin Öncel (TUR; 80.20)

    W 200 - Finette Agyapong (22.86), Martyna Kotwila (POL; 22.99), Sindija Buksa (LAT; 23.02), Yana Kachur (UKR; 23.20), Sarah Richard (FRA; 23.22), Kristal Awuah (23.24), Paula Sevilla (ESP; 23.27), Helene Rønningen (NOR; 23.27)
    W 100 Hurdles - Elvira Herman (BLR; 12.64), Klaudia Siciarz (POL; 12.87), Laura Valette (FRA; 12.94), Maria Huntington (FIN; 13.11), Ruslana Rashkovan (BLR; 13.12), Selina Von Jackowski (SUI; 13.16), Sviatlana Parakhonka (BLR; 13.18), Klaudia Wojtunik (POL; 13.21)
    W High Jump - Yuliya Levchenko (UKR; 2.01), Karyna Taranda (BLR; 2.00), Morgan Lake (1.97), Ella Junnila (FIN; 1.95), Bianca Salming (SWE; 1.92), Alina Shukh (UKR; 1.92), Claire Orcel (BEL; 1.91), Salome Lang (SUI; 1.91) and 4 women at 1.90
    W Heptathlon - Geraldine Ruckstuhl (SUI; 6391), Alina Shukh (UKR; 6381), Sophie Weißenberg (GER; 6293), Solene Ndama (FRA; 6290), Hanne Maudens (BEL; 6252), Emma Oosterwegel (NED; 6247), Sarah Lagger (AUT; 6225), Adrianna Sulek (POL; 6171)

    There's some very good athletes competing in the distances - Andreas Kramer (SWE; 800), Gabriela Gajanova (SVK; 800), Jemma Reekie (800 + 1500), Jake Hayward (1500), Jimmy Gressier (FRA; 5000), Alina Reh (GER; 5000 + 10,000), Anna Emilie Møller (DEN; 3000SC + 5000) - and some of them might not have things all their own way, but there's not the kind of depth that there is in the stand-out events above. The women's 800 is probably the pick of them with 6 sub-2:03 athletes.

    Finally, I believe the name of the host city is pronounced Yev-luh. It has a population of 100,000.

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    I did wonder if Mondo would take part. I don't blame him for declining - from a performance perspective he has bigger fish to fry and he's already done a full NCAA season. I thought with it being in Sweden he might turn out though. Seems to be having fun training in Renaud's back garden in the meantime.

    A bigger/better British team compared with recent years. I wonder if Jemma will go ahead with doubling? I think perhaps running 800 here & then focusing on the 1500 and qualifying for Doha the rest of the season.

    The Heptathlon looks tasty - such a shame Emerson not a part of it.


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      LuckySpikes Anybody who thinks the Euro U-23's are a waste of time better ask what Karsten Warholm makes of them....


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        Yes, I think even the more established names are excited to win these titles & put them on their CV.

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      Originally posted by Ladyloz View Post
      A bigger/better British team compared with recent years. I wonder if Jemma will go ahead with doubling? I think perhaps running 800 here & then focusing on the 1500 and qualifying for Doha the rest of the season.
      I think the double is very do-able here for Jemma - only 2 rounds in each event and each on a separate day.

      Yes, the 800 is pretty competitive but she looks a class apart in the 1500. It's not like the previous 2 editions in the 1500 where you've had Klosterhalfen & Ennaoui in 2017 and Terzic, Ennaoui & Pryshchepa in 2015. This time the standard of the event is lower - only 2 others have gone sub-4:10 this year, Vanderelst (4:05.7 PB in 2018 but her 2nd best time is 3.5s slower) and Zenoni who ran a 4:09.5 (five second PB) in Marseille last week


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        And we're off!

        The live feed isn't showing on the European Athletics site but it is at EurovisionSports - https://athletics.eurovisionsports.t...ionships-gavle
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          Looking like the weather's not going to be very kind to the sprinters this morning... Not exactly warm at 14C and the wind is blowing into their faces quite heavily. The long jumpers currently qualifying on the run way right next to the main straight are having it a bit easier, as they are going in the opposite direction.


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            In heat 1 of the men's 100m, Oliver Bromby, after a couple of false starts, came through to win it in 10.84, though run into a stiff headwind (-2.1m/s). If these conditions persist through to tomorrow (which is looking to be wet, cool and breezy) don't expect any quick times.

            The top 3 in each heat will automatically qualify for the semi-finals this evening.
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              In the qualifying for the women's hammer, with the very first throw of the competition, Italian Sara Fantini threw 65.45m, easily beyond the qualifying mark of 64 meters. And pleasing the local spectators, Swede Grete Ahlberg also achieved automatic qualification with her first round 65.27m effort.


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                In heat 2 of the men's 100m, Germany's Marvin Schulte, the European U-23 leader at the distance this year, won comfortable in 10.57 (-1.9 m/s). In 2nd was Frenchman Amaury Golitin in 10.68

                In the 3rd heat, it was a close run thing between Henrik Larsson of Sweden and Dominic Ashwell of Great Britain, and the tall Swede edged it with a 10.45 (-1.0 m/s) clocking, with Ashwell right next to him timed at 10.46.


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                  Jacob Fincham-Dukes just about scraped into the long jump final, with his best effort of 7.53m in qualifying being just enough to get him through as the 10th qualifier. The other Brit involved Reynold Banigo, also snuck through with a final round leap of 7.52m and goes in as the 11th qualifier to the final.

                  Through automatically (7.75m Q) were event favourite and current European senior champion both outdoors and indoors, Miltiadis Tentoglou, with a 7.80m (+1.8m m/s) jump in the opening round, Mateusz Rosanski of Poland with a 7.84m (+3.0 m/s) effort and Hans-Christian Hausenberg with 7.98m (+2.7m), both done in the second round.


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                    Cameron Chalmers win's the opening heat of the men's 400m, which has been moved forward an hour to replace the women's equivalent, coming on strong in the last 60m to pull away from Pole Maciej Holub and record a time of 47.33. As with the men's 100m heats earlier on, the first 3 finishers will automatically qualify for the semi-finals which will be tomorrow.


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                      Big shock in the women's heptathlon, as Solene Ndama of France, with high hopes of getting a medal and leading the competition after a solid 100m hurdles performance, fails all three attempts at her opening height of 1.67m in the high jump. With a PB of 1.78m from indoors, this looked like a bit of a gamble from Ndama, who decided to not enter at a lower height. That will be 0 points for her and an effective end to her hopes at a medal.
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                        Definitely not a worthless competition - a chance for established athletes to build confidence and a chance for those no e established to develop - what's not to like?


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                        Ellie Baker wins her heat of the women's 800m comfortably, taking over on the back straight and powering away from the rest in an easy looking, 2:07.14

                        In the 3rd and final heat, Jemma Reekie wins in a much quicker run, going in much the same way as Baker's heat as she took charge on the final bend and went away from the rest, winning in 2:04.74.

                        European U-23 #1 this season, Gajanova of the Slovak Republic, won the opening heat in 2:06.80, although she had to work much harder for the qualifying position than the Brits had to.


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                          James Weaver comes through in 2nd place in his heat of the 110m hurdles, behind the Euro U-23 #2 this season, Micheal Obuysui of Belgium (14.15), with a time of 14.21 (-1.9 m/s)

                          Cameron Fillery, European U-23 #4 on times this year, wins the very next heat in 14.05 (-1.7 m/s) looking in good form.

                          And in the final heat, University of Southern California student Tade Ojura manages to qualify for the semi finals tomorrow, coming 2nd to Artem Makarenko (ANA) in a time of 14.15 (-2.8 m/s)
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