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  • I notice that today World Athletics announced they have officially ratified Tobi Amusan's 12.12 world record from Eugene as well as the other records set by Sydney McLaughlin and Mondo Duplantis, plus the under 20 record from Letsile Tebogo.

    I doubt it will ever come to light as to whether the timing was not legitimate, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if the governing body had the controversy "swept it under the carpet" so to speak similar to how the 10.49 record was accepted 34 years ago.


    • MysteryBrick
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      I don't think anyone is still suggesting Amusan's run wasn't legitimate.

    • trickstat
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      If the 12.12 was a timing error what about the 12.06w in the final? Anyone arguing that these times are not legit is pretty much saying that there was a timing error that only happened on a small number of women's 100H races and no other races, which seems highly unlikely.

  • Please could a couple of people do me a favour?

    At this link - - scroll down and tell me what sections of videos there are (i.e., the heading just above each row of videos).

    Also, please tell me if you've ever visited this site before.



    • Nozomi Tanaka set a 1.3s PB in finishing 2nd in the 5000 today at the Japanese Corporate Championships with 14:58.60. Margaret Akidor (KEN) won in 14:57.81.

      Judging by Nozomi's 62/63s last lap she can go faster still. She's shown signs this late summer of spreading her wings by racing more abroad, so hopefully she decides to get in a DL 5000 next year. If so, Ririka Hironaka's NR of 14:52.87 will be in danger (if mega-talent 19yo Seira Fuwa doesn't get there first!). Fuwa is on the comeback trail after getting an achilles injury in February - 2 weeks ago she won her first serious race since then, a 32:55 10,000.​​

      Meanwhile, Kipchoge is through halfway in Berlin in 59:51 !!! No, that's not a typo!!


      • 2.01.09 WR for Kipchoge.



        • World Record! 2:01:09 for Kipchoge taking exactly 30s off his record. He won the race by almost 5 minutes!

          There were many more good times in the Women's race:

          1 Tigist Assefa 2:15:37 (68:13 / 67:24 splits) - Just the third woman to run sub-2:16 (this was her second marathon). She's also the owner of a sub-2 800m PB from 2014 !
          2 Rosemary Wanjiru 2:18:00 - The second fastest debut ever, I think
          6 Keira D'Amato 2:21:48 - on sub-2:19 NR pace at halfway but faded
          7 Rika Kaseda (JPN) 2:21:55 - a 6+ minute PB! Now # 10 Japanese A-T
          8 Ayuko Suzuku (JPN) 2:22:02 - also a 6+ minute PB!
          9 Sayaka Sato (JPN) 2:22:13 - a 1+ minute PB
          12 Natasha Wodak (CAN) 2:23:12 - a 3 min PB at 40 years old!
          15 Lisa Weightman (AUS) 2:24:00 - a 1 min PB for the 43yo​


          • i dont think the next competitive global marathon will have a pacer, very easy straight course in perfect conditions, so the the athletes who ran Berlin so well may be rather less excellent next August in Budapest.