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  • The Ethiopian Federation are now allowing some athletes to double. Here's the finalised team -

    Italian team announcement of 60 athletes (a few are missing Eugene to concentrate on the Euro Champs) -


    • Josh Kerr ran a 1.46.59 over 800 in Seattle on Wednesday.


      • Final Entry Lists for the World Champs have been published ! ...


        • Tomorrow I will post the thread for the Oregon22 World Champs Prediction Contest.

          I'm currently trying to compile a list of all the athletes who've been entered as reserves. Would it really be so hard for WA to denote who's a reserve on the entry lists?


          • Sifan Hassan made her season debut last night. She ran 15.13.41 against very low key competition, mostly a solo run, tbh might as well have been a solo time trial. Not sure what that really tells us.

            Video here, from about 1.11: Trackland | Stumptown (


            • Australia's Brooke Buschkuehl (formerly Stratton) has just soared to a WL (and PB) 7.13. (Tara Davis of the US, who won't be in Eugene, won with a windy 7.24.)


              • Yes and it was at Chulà vista.


              • Good 10,000m running earlier today in Abashiri (JPN) at Round 4 of the super Hokuren Distance Challenge series.

                1 Pauline Kamulu (KEN) 30:20.97 (a 21s PB)
                2 Ai Hosoda 31:35.44 (a 4s PB)
                3 Rika Kaseda 31:41.29 (this 23yo was just 1.4s outside her PB)
                Other notable athletes ...
                5 Sayaka Sato 32:15.82
                9 Honami Maeda 32:35.84

                1 Gideon Ronoh 27:11.03 PB (debut at 10,000 for this 19yo; has a 13:16 PB at 5000)
                2 James Muoki 27:29.74 (just 1.2s outside his PB)
                3 Charles Karanja Kamau 27:30.44 (a 15s PB)
                The fastest Japanese man on the night was Shunya Kikuchi, 27:57.95 (a 4s PB), with a further 7 going sub-28:10. Still fair to say that Japanese men's 10,000 running hasn't really taken off yet this year!


                • Maria Vicente jumped 6.80 today, looks like she could still make it to Munich


                • "Clean" Russian pole vaulter SIdorova jumped a world leading 4.87 in Moscow yesterday.
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                  • jjimbojames
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                    I’m guessing that’s 4.87! 😜

                  • trickstat
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                    If a woman vaulted 5.87 the only thing that might be clean would be the clearance!

                • Entry lists are up for the next 2 Diamond Leagues ...

                  Silesia DL in Chorzów this coming Saturday -

                  Very unusually at a DL, there's 800, 1500 & 3000 for the women.

                  Monaco on Wed 10th -

                  As always, Monaco is absolutely loaded!


                  • DerbyCountyinNZ
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                    A couple (that I found after a quick look) of CG athletes heading over to Chorzów before the Games finish, Korir in 800m and Walsh in SP.

                • Just caught up with Tuesday evening's international meeting in Nembro (ITA) ...

                  In the Women's 3000 it was, I think, for Nadia Battocletti a case of "prove your fitness ahead of Munich" and she did that with a last 200 in 29.0. It was an odd race though (without a pacemaker) - a very slow first lap before Giovanna Selva took off at 72s lap pace. Then in the 2nd km it slowed right down again before hotting up again in the last 1000. Battocletti won in 9:12.15. In 4th was Izzy Fry, 9:16.09 (or "Itzi Free" as the commentator called her!) and Verity Ockenden in 6th a further copple of seconds back.

                  In the Men's 3000 Emile Cairess had a good race, pushing on at the front once the pacemaker dropped out at 2000. He finished 4th in 7:44.84 PB behind winner Darragh McElhinney (IRL), 7:42.86 NU23R.


                  • 70.42 from Pettersson to become the 2nd Swede over 70m in the disc this season.


                    • McLaughlin 51.68. I think I saw a sort of smile for 1 second. Miserable c..
                      Knighton 19.89 win.
                      SaFP another 10.67. !!
                      SJ 22.02 by a mile.


                      • Pierre Johansson
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                        Sydney McLaughlin has been battling some serious depression and anxiety, which may be the reason she's not grinning from ear to ear every time you see her. But, by all means, be a smug imbecile, "philipo".

                    • Tamari Davis finished second in 10.92 in Hungary today... she has the 5 fastest under-20 times in the world this year (all between 10.83 and 10.92) and 5 of the 8 fastest under-20 times ever. She also ran 22.48/200 when she had just turned 15, so she's not a one-trick pony. She should be a solid contender for the 4th-5th-6th places in future World Champs and Olympic Games behind Stephen Francis.