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  • Slimane Moula from Algeria goes to world no2 with 1.44.72. at Montgeron


    • Which international women athletes do you think will be named for Birmingham these next 2 days for the 5000m? One named so far: Ejgayehu Taye


      • Another improvement for Alekna Jnr to 68.73 in the disc. Not a freak throw as it’s backed up by a 67 and a couple of 66s.

        He’s 19, not turning 20 until the end of September.

        Obviously it’s unfair to compare him to his Dad but to hell with it.

        As a 19 year old, Snr’s best was 57.16.

        Snr was 26 before he threw further than Jnr now has with 69.66 in 1998. His 73.88 came a couple of years later.

        At one point I thought Nesterenko was going to rewrite the record books but he did nothing as a senior. But I’m going to call it early. Alekna Jnr will consign Schult to history.


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          The significant difference between Nesterenko and Alekna Jnr is that the latter is producing with the senior weight discus. When Nesterenko went into the seniors, his distances tumbled off a cliff and he never came close to replicating what he did previously. And, if we're being honest, Nesterenko threw the discus beyond 70m in the youth ranks, even by the time he went into the U20 grade discus, his distances started to suffer, and by the time he became a senior, he just wasn't able to adjust.
          He's still competing, and has at least made it to major championships, but he's never going to win a global, or even a continental medal now.

          Alekna Jnr on the other, looks like he's ready to medal in Eugene, right now.

      • Originally posted by Ladyloz
        Some impressive sprinting overnight from the NCAA conference champs.

        At the SEC champs, Favour Ofili won the head to head in both sprints against Abby Steiner, winning the 100m in 10.93 to 11.02 and the 200m in 22.04 to 22.07. At the Big 12 Champs Julien Alfred clocked 10.81. The women's sprints should be a highlight of next month's NCAA are and 60m champ Melissa Jefferson ran 10.88 to win the Sunbelt Champs.

        Also at the SEC champs, Britton Wilson clocked up an impressive 400/400H double in 50.05 & 53.75. And Matthew Boling beat Joseph Fanbulleh in the Men's 200m 20.01 to 20.13.
        In the same Big-12 Championships where Julien Alfred ran that 10.81, Rhasidat Adeleke, reigning European U20 champ over 100 and 200m, broke Joanne Cuddihy's 15 year old Irish 400m record, by running 50.70 as she came in 3rd place in the 400m final behind Texas University teammates, Stacy Ann Williams (50.21), and Kennedy Simon (50.68).

        That means that at the age of 19, Adeleke now holds the national records over 60m, 200m, and 400m!

        She goes straight to the top of the 2022 European rankings, as well as also easily achieving the WC and EC qualifying standards.


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          Also holds the 300m Irish record. She is a fabulous young athlete and effortless to watch.

      • Originally posted by Aussiestatman
        Which international women athletes do you think will be named for Birmingham these next 2 days for the 5000m? One named so far: Ejgayehu Taye
        Fields are up.


        • Quite a good athlete emerging from Barbados, Johnathan Jones has set national records in the 400 and 800 in the last few weeks, 44.43 and 1:45.83


          • Enjoyed watching Sunday's international meeting in Montgeron (a WACT Challenger meeting).

            Algeria have a good men's high hurdler! Amine Bouanani ran 13.50 (-2.5) in the heats, improving his 2019 PB by 0.10s and then he won the final in 13.48 (again -2.5!) PB, beating Kwaou-Mathey & Manga.

            Already mentioned by philipo/marilyn1 but there was more success for Algeria in a good 800 (four men ran under 1:45.6). 23yo Slimane Moula smashed his PB by over a second with a huge finishing burst, winning in 1:44.72 from Benjamin Robert, 1:45.19.

            Nicole Yeargin won the 400 comfortably in 51.79.

            Benjamin Compaore TJ'd 17.06.

            In the Men's 5000 Romain Mainguy couldn't live up to his name, that honour going instead to Jimmy Gressier, 13:26 and change.


            • Ecuador have much better race walkers than Britain and they also have a female Javelin thrower better than any of ours at the moment. ... Juleysi Angulo throwing a 60.91 NR (improving her own mark by 69cm) in Round 1 at the Ibero-American Championships in Alicante.

              17yo Manuela Rotundo (URU) also threw a NR, 55.81 in Round 1, improving her own senior NR by 2.40m.
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              • No blazing fast times at last night's USATF Distance Classic at Mt SAC and in fact there was only 1 Worlds standard achieved ... by 20yo Aussie Abbey Caldwell in winning the 1500 in 4:04.18 (0.02s inside the standard!) It was a 0.6s PB and she books her plane ride to Eugene because she won the Aussie Champs a couple of months ago.


                • So far at Papaflessia in Kalamata ...

                  An 83.65 PB in the Jav for Patriks Gailums (LAT)
                  An 11.12 (+1.4) PB for Pia Skrzy in the 100
                  Good W HJ shaping up with 5 over 1.84 so far
                  M LJ ongoing with Montler leading Tentoglou 8.10 to 8.05


                  • Further to the above at Papaflessia, Tentoglou pulled out an 8.22 in the last round to overhaul Montler, 8.10.

                    Marija Vukovic won the HJ with a 1.95 SB and had 3 not-close attempts at 2.00 (her NR is 1.97) - she said afterwards it's the first time she's ever tried 2.00m.

                    The W Javelin was won by Yulenmis Aguilar (CUB), 62.52, from Elina Tzengo, 60.43.

                    Milica Gardasevic won the W LJ with a very consistent series including 6.69 PB (last round), 6.67, 6.65 & 6.65 (all +1.x wind). Spiridoula Karydi, better known for the TJ, was 2nd with 6.51.


                    • Mexican NR in the Women's 1500 at Track Night NYC last night - Alma Cortes won in 4:06.06, taking exactly 1 second off the record Laura Galvan set just 2 weeks ago at Track Meet.


                      • KJT confirmed for Gotzis, didn’t see that one coming. Holly Mills also entered


                        • Some of the happenings in the first 2 days of the Ibero-American Championships in Alicante ... ...

                          Double Gold and Silver for the Dominican Republic in fast 400s - Paulino winning in 49.49 WL with Silver going to her compatriot Fiordaliza Cofil, 50.64. Lidio Felix won the Men's in 44.66 PB with Luguelin Santos 2nd, 45.50.

                          Double Gold for Spain in the 10,000m Race Walks - European Champ Alvaro Martin in the Men's, beating Brazil's Caio Bonfim into 2nd, and Laura Garcia-Caro causing a minor upset to the form book by beating Peru's Kimberly Garcia.

                          In the Women's Steeple, Belen Casetta (ARG) had her best race since she set the South American record of 9:25.99 at London 2017. She went straight to the front ensuring a strong pace and finally broke her last challenger, Irene Sanchez-Escribano, with about 450m to go. She was rewarded with a 9:29.60 CR and a Eugene standard.

                          Andorra won a Silver medal in the Men's Steeple with Nahuel Carabana, not a complete surprise to anyone who remembers him winning Bronze at the Euro U23 Champs last year.

                          Eusebio Caceres (ESP) won a close Men's Long Jump with 8.05, and Fatima Diame completed the Spanish double with 6.65.

                          Colombia's Melissa Gonzalez ran a big NR, 54.87, to win the 400 Hurdles, improving her NR from Tokyo by 0.45s. Costa Rica's Gerald Drummond also ran a NR, 48.87, to win the Men's, improving his NR by 0.44s.

                          There was big drama in the Women's 4x100 - Spain were leading by 5m into the final leg but totally cocked up the exchange. Then 30m later when Brazil were closing in on the Dominican Republic their final leg runner's legs just gave way and she fell over, leaving Dominican Republic to canter to the Gold medal. No such problems for Spain in the Men's 4x100 though, upsetting the favourites Brazil.

                          I'm really enjoying these championships, a chance to see a lot of good athletes who don't often make it over for the European circuit as well as seeing a lot of more familiar athletes in action. The LOC have done a really good job with the presentation of the event and the TV coverage has been great too. And there's been a decent crowd packing the main stand and making some noise.

                          The final day's action starts in the morning with the Half Marathons and continues at 5pm with a 3 hour session that's packed with 16 finals. It's all live and also on-demand if you have a VPN.
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                          • The end of a great era for Polish mid-distance running - Adam Kszczot recently retiring and now Marcin Lewandowski doing the same (with immediate effect). He explains his reasoning below, including his daughter having an accident a couple of months ago.