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  • A good 30 minutes for women’s sprinting continues with Briana Lystons 22.52 into a -2.2 headwind at 17 years of age


    • Carlos Mayo won the Trofeo Iberico 10,000 in Portugal, 27:38.59. He already has the Eugene standard with his 27:25 from last year's European Cup 10,000.

      In the Women's race Maitane Melero retained her Spanish title, running 32.14.57, a 12s PB at the age of 39 and 3 weeks after setting a 10km PB on the roads!

      On her 10,000 debut Irene Sanchez-Escribano ran 32:22.6 and Beatriz Alvarez, the reigning Spanish 5000m champion, ran very well for a 32:25.8 PB. The three of them had all passed through halfway in 16:07. I expected Lucia Rodriguez to run well on her debut and she hung with them for about 3km but later dropped out.

      Neither of the European champions Ana Dulce Felix or Sara Moreira started, though these days I wouldn't have expected either to factor at the sharp end.


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        PS Mahamed Mahamed was a DNS.

    • Both the Dutch NRs fall at the Rotterdam Marathon ...

      First, Olympic silver medalist Abdi Nageeye won in 2:04:56.

      Then, in the Women's race Nienke Brinkman, a 28yo who only took up running in 2020, ran 2:22:51 for 2nd place. Also, in third, Kazakhstan's Zhanna Mamazhanova ran 2:26:54, breaking a 35 year old NR.


      • Valarie Allman has broken her own US record in the disc with 71.46.

        15th all time and longest throw in the world for 30 years. Many will no doubt think this is the real WR.



      • Best marks from today's ASA Athletics Grand Prix 4 in Jo'burg, a WACT Challenger series meeting ...

        M 100: 1 Omanyala 9.98 (-0.9), 2 Simbine 10.11
        M 200: Munyai 20.33 (-0.6)
        M LJ: Jovan van Vuuren 8.10 (-0.9)
        W 100H: Marione Fourie 12.93 PB (-0.4) - she doesn't turn 20 until 30th April

        Full results:


        • Allyson Felix to retire at the end of the season. Fantastic athlete.

          Allyson Felix, the most decorated female track and field Olympian of all time, will retire at the end of the season.


          • British indoor Champion, Multi-Eventer Ella Rush, who was 18 just last week is competing in a heptathlon in the USA at the Mt Sac Relays. On Day One she took half a second off her 200m PB with a time of 24.65sm (+1.4) ran a14.48s 100mH into a -0.8w, High Jumped 1.69m and put the Shot 12.73m, just off her PB set indoors this year.


            • Interesting Seoul Marathon this morning.

              Romania took the win in the Women's race! Joan Chelimo Melly with 2:18:04, a 3 minute PB. She's now representing Romania (but won't be eligible for championships until 3 July 2024). In second Sutume Asefa Kebede ran a 2+ minute PB for 2:18:12 and 2 others including Eunice Chumba were a tick outside 2:20. South Korea's Doyeon Kim was, until about 30km, on course to improve her NR (2:25:41) but faded to 2:34:31.

              The men's race was won with a last kilometre burst by Mosinet Geremew in 2:04:43 from Herpasa Negasa, 2:04:49. In 3rd place Brazilian Daniel Do Nascimento ran a brilliant race to take down Ronaldo Da Costa's 24 year old South American Record with 2:04:51. Interesting to see a couple of Mongolians running with the leading Korean men (neither of them honorary Geordie Ser-Od Bat-Ochir!), the first one home was Olonbayar Jamsran in 2:11:02 PB.
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              • Well, I watched 19yo uber-mega-talent Seira Fuwa (30:45 at 10,000 last December) in the Women's 5000 at the Japanese University Individual Championships today and was shocked!

                JapanRunningNews helped clear up why she was dead last though ... "Fuwa never engaged, running 3:30/km from the start and finishing last by over 37 seconds in 17:30.45. Post-race she revealed that she had injured her Achilles tendon at January's National Women's Ekiden and been forced to take time, only starting up again on April 7. She and her coach had indicated that her goals for this race were to make it to the finish and to run an even pace, and with both accomplished seemed positive about the result and her chances at next month's 10000 m national championships."

                But, I'm going to suggest it's going to be tough to get in 31 minute shape in 3 weeks' time!


                • Japanese 35km Race Walking Championships report!

                  Four weeks ago, after her 3 minute PB in the All Japan 20km, I posited the idea that Serena Sonoda could become a world-class race walker and that, at 25 years old, she has plenty of time to achieve it.

                  Well, she wasted no more time by entering the world-class ranks this weekend in Wajima! Debuting at a distance above 20km, like all but two of the women's field, she smashed the tough 2:51:00 Japanese standard for Eugene (vs the WA standard of 2:54:00) with 2:45:48, the 3rd fastest in the world this year. She also put on a masterclass of how to pace yourself - see her 5km splits below. Furthermore, 30 days ago her 20km PB stood at 1:35:21. Yesterday, however, she covered the last 20km in 1:34:05 !

                  1 Serena Sonoda 2:45:48 - 5km splits: 24:08 - 23:55 - 23:40 - 23:36 - 23:29 - 23:31 - 23:29
                  2 Kaori Kawazoe 2:54:25 - A best performance in 3 years for the 26yo. Perhaps she's found her distance?
                  3 Maika Yagi 2:55:55 - Maybe this 23yo with a 1:36:11 20km PB has also found her distance?
                  4 Masumi Fuchise 2:59:18 - The veteran of the field at 35yo; 50km NR-holder and no.2 on the national A-T 20km lists
                  5 Mao Tatsumi 2:59:37 - This 22yo has a 1:38:17 PB at 20km so again today's performance is quite a bit superior to that

                  With 5 women under 3 hours (and also having the two world-class 20km walkers below) this demonstrates, I think, a gradually increasing depth in Japanese women's race walking and certainly bodes well for them at the longer distance.

                  In the Men's 35km, four men got the tougher Eugene standard set by the Japanese federation (2:30:00 vs the WA standard 2:33:00). 50km NR-holder Masatora Kawano took a more even-paced approach than long-time leader Daisuke Matsunaga and reeled him in with a few kilometres to go. At 22:31, Matsunaga's final 5km was 2:27 slower than his first 5km! Japan can take 4 athletes in this event to Eugene because Yusuke Suzuki (absent here) has a wildcard as the reigning 50km world champion.

                  1 Masatora Kawano 2:26:40 WL
                  2 Daisuke Matsunaga 2:27:09
                  3 Tomohiro Noda 2:27:18
                  4 Satoshi Maruo 2:29:19
                  5 Hayato Katsuki 2:30:41

                  A special 20km event was also laid on for 4 Eugene team contenders (during the 35km to give them some athletes to chase) - 2 men and 2 women - to allow them a chance to get the standards set at 1:20:00 & 1:30:00 by the Japanese federation, each 1 minute quicker than the WA standard. And, all 4 took full advantage of the opportunity ...

                  1 Koki Ikeda 1:18:53 WL
                  2 Eiki Takahashi 1:19:16 - Is there any need to say that both these athletes are amongst the very best in the world?

                  1 Nanako Fujii 1:29:29 - 5th at the 2022 World RW Team Champs and 7th at Doha 2019 at age 20, just one place behind her team-mate below
                  2 Kumiko Okada 1:29:31 - NR-holder at 1:27:41. From what she's said, this seems like her last year before she hangs up her shoes and she said she wants a medal in Eugene

                  Next Saturday is the Dudinská 50 in Dudince, Slovakia, a World Race Walking Tour Gold meeting. But, should it be renamed the Dudinská 35?? Not quite the same ring to it, I admit.

                  Anyway, the entry lists for the 35km are really, really good with a very international feel (including some top Chinese & South Americans etc). Of course, I'll be posting live streaming details for it.


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                    Excellent summary of this competition! Sonoda definitely likes the longer distance. With Rio Maior and La Caruna coming up in May, the 2022 Race Walking season will get even more interesting.

                • No signs that the Jamaican women sprinting success will end any time soon, the u20 girls have just set a 4x1 WJR.


                  • Oh, that's not on!

                    At the Dudinska 50 World RW Tour meeting, the Men's 35km started one minute before the Women's race ... Right from the start 2 Chinese guys started really slowly ... It turns out they were waiting for the leading women to catch up so that they could then speed up and pacemake for Qieyang Shenjie & Li Maocuo ! Poor Kimberly Garcia (PER) in that group is probably feeling a bit ganged up on.


                    • Originally posted by LuckySpikes
                      Oh, that's not on!

                      At the Dudinska 50 World RW Tour meeting, the Men's 35km started one minute before the Women's race ... Right from the start 2 Chinese guys started really slowly ... It turns out they were waiting for the leading women to catch up so that they could then speed up and pacemake for Qieyang Shenjie & Li Maocuo ! Poor Kimberly Garcia (PER) in that group is probably feeling a bit ganged up on.
                      Well that seems very unfair indeed.


                      • Originally posted by RunUnlimited

                        Well that seems very unfair indeed.
                        Fortunately it didn't seem to bother Kimberly Garcia who walked an Area all-time Best in 2nd place, 2:43:19, sixteen seconds behind another Area Best by Qieyang Shenjie.


                        • The challenges of holding a 2 Mile race on an Italian track ... In Milan they've got the measuring tape and gaffer tape out to mark the start line!