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2022 Indoor Season (International Results)

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  • 2022 Indoor Season (International Results)

    And here's the place to post results predominantly featuring international athletes during the 2022 indoor season.

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    Hopefully you'll find the following useful as reference for the season leading up to the World Indoor Championships in Belgrade, 18 - 20 March:

    WA Qualifying standards:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	2022_WiCh_Standards.jpg Views:	0 Size:	93.9 KB ID:	39454

    Tough standards but if fields are not filled by athletes with the standard, the World Rankings will be used to qualify further athletes.

    Event quotas:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	2022_WiCh_Quotas.jpg Views:	0 Size:	55.2 KB ID:	39455
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      I wondered what kind of fields next Saturday's Manchester World Indoor Tour meeting would be able to attract - what with a) it being the first edition of the meeting and b) Britain being viewed as "Plague Island" by many abroad.

      However, I'm pleased to say that the organisers (Bryggen Sports) seem to have done a really good job. It looks very much like a Silver level meeting.

      On their Instagram account at (no login needed) they've been drip-feeding the leading names in some of the events. (Also, below those 3 images there's a couple of images with more confirmed names in other events.)

      Across the 16 events there's set to be 42 nations represented. Below I've picked out some of the international athletes in the 6 events they've listed so far.

      M 1500: George Manangoi, Addisu Wegene (ETH)
      W 1500: Bobocea, Guerrero
      M 3000: Al Garni, Yasin Haji, Oumaiz
      W 3000: Bahta, Gega, Mezulianikova
      M SP: Bertemes, Toader (ROU), Thomsen (NOR)
      W SP: Schwanitz, Ealey, Roos

      Spelling needs some attention though! ... Pierce Copeland ... and Santiago Cofre should be Catrofe (a good Uruguayan 1500m man who lives in Spain). I'll give them a pass on Mezulianikova though - I always have to triple-check that one myself!

      So, I'm looking forward to it. The first Manchester Continental Tour meeting (same organisers) was live streamed last summer, so I'm expecting a stream for this too.


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        European junior record at 300 for Ireland's Rhasidat Adeleke.


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          In Texas on Saturday, Jessica Hull ran an Australian indoor 3000m record, 8:39.79, just behind Klosterhalfen, 8:39.36.


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            Just noticed that BBC African Sports Personality of 2021 Christine Mboma ran 100 in 11.25 (nwi) the other day, ahead of Beatrice Masilingi 11.37. It looks as if we'll continue to live in interesting times this year.


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              Wind -0.4

              Interestingly the male winner of the 400m (Mahmad Bock) won his race in the same time as Mboma's PB

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            Start lists are out for the Millrose Games (NYC Gold Tour event) this weekend.

            Men’s 60m is very eye catching: Coleman, Bromell, Bracy, Baker, Lyles. A prelude to the US trials effectively!


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            Larissa Iapchino (Fiona May’s daughter) is back from injury, 6.59 Ancona last week


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              This weekend there's 3 good French indoor meetings NOT available to live stream for free. However, the live streaming of all the French meetings for the next month can be had for less than a fiver. For more info on that see my post at

              This weekend's French action in the comments ...


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              The pre-meeting at Karlsruhe (sprint & hurdles heats and the start of field events) is now live at (VPN needed)


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                In heat 1 of the W 60 at Karlsruhe, Patrizia van der Weken improved Luxembourg's NR for the 4th time this month! Now down to 7.26.


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                  What's the thinking behind a big international meeting not putting distance markers alongside the Long Jump pit?


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                    Originally posted by LuckySpikes View Post
                    What's the thinking behind a big international meeting not putting distance markers alongside the Long Jump pit?
                    When are they ever remotely accurate?


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                      Originally posted by Grassmarket View Post

                      When are they ever remotely accurate?
                      It's still a visual reference though - much easier than trying to rermember where previous marks in the sand were. And if the camera is dead side-on you can usually work out how much the board is off by.

                      Meanwhile we're back with Jenny's mispronunciations - reading too much Shakespeare perhaps ... she had Noelie Yarigo as Iyago.


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                        True: nobody’s likely to be beating WRs, but you only want to judge against the other guys.

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                      The commentators are still banging on about a lack of competition opportunities when really there was very few meetings cancelled last year.