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Coe approached over 'catastropic' UK Athletics regime.

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    i'd like a basic salary of £147, 500 ...

    UK Athletics’ chief was earning £226k during controversial period in charge

    the article is worth a read as it does go beyond that headline and talks about some issues in the forthcoming accounts ... one that raised my eyebrows was, according to the article, UKA had unrealised foreign exchange losses of £148k - 'as a result of the sport holding US dollars to cover costs including those associated with international events and overseas training camps.' shocking!
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      "Unrealised" losses may not be too big a problem in the end, it all depends on when they eventually get settled out.

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    I know pension benefits are obviously bigger for high level Executives but those Pension Contributions seem massive to me.

    if you had asked me what the basic salary was for UK Athletics Chief Executive, I would probably have said something in the region of £150K, which is pretty close to the basic salary figure


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      If you want to get involved in finding a new future for Crystal Palace NSC stadium, please get in touch.

      Fyi. The resent Mayoral decision “MD2910 Crystal Palace National Sports Centre” means the Mayor of London has approved significant expenditure and is seeking new investment to facilitate the comprehensive refurbishment of the CPNSC. This is the time to explore options and find new sponsors / uses and find out what athletics events are to be back at the Palace.
      26th May 2023  – Mayor announces improvements to Crystal Palace NSC Athletics facilities to be repaired and indoor facilities improved within the next year (for Mayors full press release clic…

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    Paula Dunn's been brought in to 'support' Christian Malcolm at the major champs this year - not quite clear exactly what her role is, but job title is Team Leader. She's certainly done a great job with the para athletes.