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Lausanne DL 26th August - What time will Karsten Warholm run in the flat 400?

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    But of an anti-climax.


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      Most athletes still suffering from post-Olympics flagging.

      Apart from SAFP. ETH didn't look best pleased.


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        Originally posted by Ladyloz View Post
        But of an anti-climax.
        The whole meeting tonight replicated what took place for many athletes in Eugene, and I consider we will see the same poorer times and distances for the remaining DL meets.
        Running around for sponsors and DL points cannot make up for athletes who have largely, with few exceptions, become tired and unmotivated across the board.
        Some of tonight's athletes at Lausanne clearlydo not have the same level of strength after the OlympicGames, not just Warholm , DuPlantis,and Muhammad, but many others, including Reekie and Jodie Williams, running over 52 seconds, are plainly knackered, physically and mentally.
        Even the attempts to rabbit them around failed to provide much joy.
        A great exception was Fraser Pryce who was absolutely motivated to beat Thompson Herah but thats a 100m.
        Nice PB by Neita, a useful following wind helps.
        What will happen, next year after the World Champs in Eugene. when all the elite will expect to be at the top of their game will be numerous athletes competing In Birminghan after returning from the WC and the same fatigue etc will be evident.
        For me even the European Champs will exhibit the same underperformances but those that don't go to the World Champs or have points to prove may well excel
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          Warholm is human after all