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  • Asha Philip (is actually rather awesome)

    Dasher and Daryll are world class, and Imani is getting there (and has a stonking top end speed), so it takes something to not be the weaker link in this very strong sprint-relay chain. Particularly in the exposed lead-leg position. But I think Asha yet again ran two very good legs in the white-hot Tokyo competition.
    She also got herself into great physical nick on the handful of days when it really mattered.
    Oh, and she's a double Olympic medallist.

    Just saying.

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    Going from world champion in two very different sports to it all falling apart took some mental strength. The injury likely cost her the career of at least a Daryll, if not more - but she’s hung in there, through some very low lows and some excellent highs.


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      I thought she spoke very well. She’s always struck me as incredibly determined and hard working


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        And the one that kick started our renaissance in women's sprinting to a certain extent back in 2007 with that World Youth Championships gold.


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          People also keep writing her off but she deservedly keeps qualifying for teams every year.

          She has made leg 1 her own on the relay. Sooner or later somebody will come along and replace her but they'll have to earn it, she won't just hand it to anyone on a plate.


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            Interesting to see who that might be. Potentially Awuah, DAS? If Hunt or Henry are back to their usual self next year, putting them into the mix would free up DAS to lead off - DAS-Lansiquot or DAS-Hunt is a formidable duo to start!


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              I could be misremembering, but I feel like Lansiquot has made mistakes timing her departure a couple of times now. I'm not sure about Imani having two exchanges, but Daryll owns anchor now and she (Imani) would be wasted on lead-off, and given we can't really afford not to use somebody of her class, what options do we have...

              At peak form, Asha-Desiree-Dina-Daryll are the dream time for me, and very easy to trust RE no mistakes. Dina-Imani-Desiree-Daryll my second choice, if we're going on current showings - I recall Desiree running a scorching bend in Lille as a youngun; Swept past the field and the race was over after 75m.

              Awuah looks the natural replacement when Asha retires, explosive start and has run some lovely bends in 200s, but who knows where the likes of Eze, Hunt & Eduan will be in 2024.

              Lots of options, which is the exciting thing.

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            I'd rather leave Dina on leg 3.


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              I do like the idea of Dina on 1, as that would put is in the lead against any team in the World, but right now Dina-Neita on 3-4 is World Class and Asha does a good job on 1. Awuah is the obvious future 1, if she can get into the 11.0 consistently.


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                Ideal/dream women's 4 x 100 m relay line up:

                1st leg: Awuah. Had a good bounce back year after her initial breakout season as a junior in 2018, then falling off somewhat in 2019. Yes, she underperformed in the final of the Euro U23's, but for most of the season, she had run well and getting closer to her PB times. Is a good starter and would be a natural replacement for the dependable Phillip. Perhaps a preview of things to come could be at either European Championships or, more likely, for the England relay squad at the Commonwealth Games.

                2nd leg: Hunt. Why you may ask? Watch her relay legs at the 2019 European U20's and get back to me. 2021 has been a difficult year for the young women, but with a (hopefully) uninterrupted winter of training, you have a 22.4 lady streaking down the back straight on the "long" leg. Worth considering for sure.

                3rd leg: Asher-Smith. The only other reason (aside from the borderline first baton exchange) that GB didn't get a silver medal (and the European record at that) was Dina's lack of race fitness. Even with that, Dina's bend was so good in the relay final, that she was able to give Neita the opportunity to chasedown and overtake the teams around her to win the bronze. I'd keep her on 3rd leg because shi is one of the world's best bend runners and that's a commodity worth having in a relay squad.

                4th leg: Neita. Entered new territory in Tokyo and as she showed in the relay final, had the foot speed to make up ground quickly when she had to. Would be very difficult to dislodge Darryl from that position.