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  • Greatest Race Ever

    Is there anything that compares with last night?

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    Men’s 800 in London was the only one that sprang to mind.


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      From an entirely biased point of view - 4x100 London 2017. But I know not a WR etc. Men’s 8 in London?


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        Not a race, granted, but the men’s shot in Doha will take some beating. Three of the longest puts in history with 1cm between the medalists and 2 of the medal winning throws coming in the last round after Walsh had set the standard in the first.

        But this morning was definitely very special. As the w400h might be too.


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          This had 1st, 2nd and 4th on the all time list. And I said race, not comp. Field events have to be treated slightly differently as, like you say, you can have last round magic.

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        For me, last night's 400H edges the 2012 800. This is despite me being in the stadium for the latter. The reason for this is that there was more of a battle for 1st place and, to a lesser degree, the impact of the final time was greater as you don't have splits appearing on screen in a 400H. The 800 does get a bonus for the fact that the 8th placer (Andrew Osagie) ran his best ever time.

        I'm not sure if there's ever been an individual race where all 3 medallists have set area/continental records?
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          Ive now watched it back 5 times!! Absolutely in Awe of what those 3 did!