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Tokyo Olympics day 3 - Sunday 1 August

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    The beauty of twitter is that every time athletes from all round The world foul up we get the injury story
    always was ,nothing changed. They all know we have to believe them . I am sceptical. 6.05 and two fouls is rubbish
    Back to Marietta.


    • trickstat
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      So athletes make up or exaggerate injuries purely to have an excuse for an underperformance? Seems far too much bother to me!

    • SprintRelayFan
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      She put the story up about a month ago, I believe it had photos as well.

    • MysteryBrick
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      The beauty of this forum is that every time Philipo has an opportunity to come across as a curmudgeonly old arsehole, he does so - nothing changed.

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    4 field eventers out of 7 into finals so far. Well done to Lizzie Bird in brutal conditions, 37 degrees apparently


    • trickstat
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      Ouch! It's not noon there yet.

      On Thursday, the heptathlon javelin and decathlon pole vault will be in the early afternoon which could be pretty savage.

    • fchd
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      Saw 39C on the infield thermometer at one point. Together with the humidity, brutal.

    • trickstat
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      I remember seeing 37C when I was spectating at the 2009 Euro Juniors in Serbia. I remember one of the British coaches there moving back into the shade of the stand deciding that his own wellbeing was more important than being closer to his athlete in the PV.
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    On the one hand, injury is an easy excuse for an underperforming athlete.

    On the other hand, it clearly can have an impact - Dasher seems the obvious example of that. She might well be 'fit' now but if she hasn't been able to get full proper training in then it can impact the overall performance and ability to compete at the top levels. I don't any of us really doubt that Dasher, if she was truly fit would have been 10.80-something, right?

    Congrats to Irozuru and Sawyers - getting 2 jumpers into an Olympic final is still something to be proud of. Same should be said about Bird. These might not (probably will not) end up being medal winning performances but they are still noteworthy.

    I think it is clear that with an injured Dasher and a questionably fit KJT this GB team lacks the superstar performance that we've had at previous Games (Mo, Jess, Kelly etc) to help us medal-wise. But there is still a decent amount of depth here.


    • Occasional Hope
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      Yes, for a lot of athletes making the final is a good result and to be applauded.

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    The point being that every time an athlete underperformed on the big stage it cannot be assumed that it's down to having been injured previously at some point that season.
    The long jump is notorious for athletes getting it wrong and they dont know why. . À few shrt weeks ago Mihambo couldn't hit the board and looked poor in the German champs and now 6.98. Nerves etc surely play a part.
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    • trickstat
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      Mihambo's run-up seems to me to be about as reliable as the British weather! The one good thing about it is that she probably doesn't foul very often.

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    Val Adams (surely a veteran now?) got bronze in the shot, behind the masked American Raven Saunders in silver and Gong Li got gold. Talk about a steady progression at successive Olympics, 4-3-2-1.

    400 heats: The big news is WLeader Randolph Ross is out. His team mate Michael Cherry looked dominant. Wayde van Niekerk through but doesn't look likely to defend his title. I feel rather relieved we didn't have to see poor MHS fail to qualify...

    Wlodarczyk leading qual in hammer, coming back into form at just the right time.

    BBC coverage of the LJ quals was bizarre; we probably saw more actual jumps than we will in the final, but none of the Brits. Spanovic, Mihambo and the Americans look likely to contest the medals. Well done to Irozuru for auto qual and Jaz for sneaking into the final.

    No BBC coverage of the steeple heats, but I see Lizzie Bird got through with 9.24, Aimee Pratt presumably suffered with the conditions with 9.47 in another heat.


    • LuckySpikes
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      Aimee started near the back, by mid-race she had worked her way into contention for a possible time qualifier spot but then went backwards in the last kilometre.

    • Occasional Hope
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      What a shame, she's had such a good season.

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    Originally posted by Occasional Hope View Post
    UK times

    1.10 Women's Hammer Throw Qualification - Group A

    1:40 Women's 3000m Steeplechase Round 1 - Heat 1 – Coburn, Yavi
    1:50 Women's Long Jump Qualification - Sawyers, Irozuru, Ugen
    1:55 Women's 3000m Steeplechase Round 1 - Heat 2 – Pratt, Chepkoech, Frerichs
    2:10 Women's 3000m Steeplechase Round 1 - Heat 3 – Bird, Kiyeng, Abebe
    2:35 Women's Shot Put Final
    2:40 Women's Hammer Throw Qualification - Group B
    2:45 Men's 400m Round 1 - Heat 1 – James, Makwala
    2:53 Men's 400m Round 1 - Heat 2 – Ross, Maslak, Borlee
    3:01 Men's 400m Round 1 - Heat 3 – Cherry, St Hilaire
    3:09 Men's 400m Round 1 - Heat 4 – Van Niekerk, Zambrano, Korir
    3:17 Men's 400m Round 1 - Heat 5 – Gardiner, Lendore
    3:25 Men's 400m Round 1 - Heat 6 – Norman, Cedenio

    11:10 Men's High Jump Final
    11:15 Men's 100m Semi-Final 1 - Prescod, de Grasse, Kerley
    11:23 Men's 100m Semi-Final 2 – Hughes, Bromell
    11:31 Men's 100m Semi-Final 3 – Ujah, Baker, Simbine, Jacobs
    11:45 Women's 100m Hurdles Semi-Final 1 -Amusan, Clemons
    11:53 Women's 100m Hurdles Semi-Final 2 – Porter, Harrison, Anderson, Skrzy
    12:01 Women's 100m Hurdles Semi-Final 3 – Sember, Camacho-Quinn, Visser, Tapper
    12:15 Women's Triple Jump Final
    12.25 Men's 800m Semi-Final 1 – Korir, Lopez, Dobek, Hoppel
    12:35 Men's 800m Semi-Final 2 – Rowden, Arop, Murphy, Saruni
    12:45 Men's 800m Semi-Final 3 – Giles, Rotich, Amos
    1:05 Men's 400m Hurdles Semi-Final 1 – Benjamin, Warholm, Copello
    1:15 Men's 400m Hurdles Semi-Final 2 – Samba, dos Santos
    1:25 Men's 400m Hurdles Semi-Final 3 – MCMaster, Magi
    1:50 Men's 100m Final

    Thanks for taking the time to post this 😃 .
    Good luck to everyone competing today . Let’s go !


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      Super run by Lizzie Bird and well done too to Abigail & Jaz.

      WTF was Randolph Ross doing in the 400? With 30m to go he saw he needed to speed up to make top 3, did so but then let up 3m from the line with Petrucciani ready to pounce. Annoyed with myself for taking the punt on him for bronze in the Prediction contest!

      Emmanuel Korir looks like he false started deliberately to save himself for the 800 semis coming up. That annoys me too! Why enter 2 events when you know the schedule and have no intention of doing both? It's just taking a spot on the starting line away from another athlete.


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      Reece. Freaking. Prescod.....

      YOU IDIOT!


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        Reece gets defensive whem challenged about his start, but he clearly knows it's an issue. Time to shape up.


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          Originally posted by Christy93 View Post
          Reece gets defensive whem challenged about his start, but he clearly knows it's an issue. Time to shape up.
          Very generous about a guy who should never have have been anywhere near Tokyo. However a certain poster said the selectors know what we dont. Did he mean about he cannot start. 😒😒😒


          • Laps
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            No. They will have known why things had gone wrong and were potentially retrievable. But he got to the semi-final just (which arguably makes him more worth his place than some we have taken to Tokyo and messed up) and they kept him in the fold. Hopefully a talent is not completely lost yet. As I said I would not have picked him.

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          Zharnel coming into form when it matters, lovely running. Well done!


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            Zharnel Hughes on the other hand.... Well done! Beats Bromell in the semi final 2 and Bromell doesn't look good.... Better than he did in the heat, but clearly not unbeatable!


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              Prescod’s a walking calamity at the moment. The sky would be the limit for him with a baton in hand.

              Better from Hughes. Just a shame it’s not 110m!


              • LoveSprints1
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                Ursus you are harsh. That was a hell of a lot better from Hughes!

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              Zharnel is now a medal contender after that run. Brilliant. Coming into form when it matters.


              • marra
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                Maybe not

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              Omurwa & Bromell could be another 1000th situation. I can see as many as 4 going sub 10 in SF3 though. Worrying times for Bromell.