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Tokyo Olympics day 3 - Sunday 1 August

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  • Nick Miller throws 76.93 in second round. Third in qual group at the moment.


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      You're posting on yesterday's thread.

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      Thanks ! I spotted it eventually ...

  • And Laura Muir very comfortable in heat one. No mistakes and didn't waste energy. Canadian Debues-Stafford good too. As was Chebet.

    But Fajdek might be in trouble. Just 76.46 his best of three. Miller in a better position at the moment...


    • Originally posted by RunUnlimited

      Correct. Great Britain is one of the few countries that have medalled at every Olympics in athletics since the inception of the modern Olympics in 1896. (We're also the only nation that have competed in every Olympics since 1896)

      Whether this lot will become the first athletics team we've sent to not win a medal, whatever colour, is yet to be seen.
      I dispute GB being the only nation to have compete in Athletics in all games, I think you find Australia may have also done so after Flack won the middle distance double in 1896 (plus a doubles tennis bronze).
      Official site of the Australian Olympic Committee. Profiles and results for every Australian Olympian. News on all sports and a history on all previous Olympic Games.


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        I know France has competed at every Games and I think Greece have (not surprisingly!), but I'm not sure if they have always had someone in athletics. France, of course, being the country of Baron De Coubertin, the founder of the Modern Olympics. I know St Louis in 1904 had very few non North Americans.

        GB is actually the only country to have got a gold medal in any sport at every edition of the Summer Games.

    • The other countries mentioned have indeed competed at all games. But they didn't win athletics medals in 1904.

      Of course there are some nit pickers who would say the GB athletics medallist from 1904 should have been competing for Ireland but let's not even get into that argument...


      • Originally posted by Sovietvest
        I was totally wrong. Just rewatched it and Jewett cut Amos up. Us keyboard warriors aren’t the experts we think we are🤣
        The Belgian did the same, but more blatantly, to Hoppel, which I think explains his relative underperformance.
        I saw that argument posted elsewhere and I'm not convinced. I'll qualify this by saying I'm no 800m expert but Jewitt seems to be in front of Amos in the lane for a bunch of strides (at least 6/7 by my count). I think the effort just tires him a lot, he slows and then Amos catches him not thinking he'll slow. Unfortunate but a racing accident.

        This is circumstantial of course, but Amos's reaction after falling didn't seem to be one of someone who felt a great injustice. Also, if he had been cut up, why didn't he stick an arm out or take any attempted avoiding action himself?

        Put it this way, if Amos deserved to get into the final for that, Rowden absolutely deserves to. Murphy clearly cuts back in front of him. You can see Rowden look down and chop his stride to make sure he doesn't clip him.

        Maybe there's a camera angle that shows that I'm talking rubbish but it seems one of the more flimsy justifications I've seen.