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Tokyo Olympics day 3 - Sunday 1 August

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  • Tokyo Olympics day 3 - Sunday 1 August

    UK times

    1.10 Women's Hammer Throw Qualification - Group A

    1:40 Women's 3000m Steeplechase Round 1 - Heat 1 – Coburn, Yavi
    1:50 Women's Long Jump Qualification - Sawyers, Irozuru, Ugen
    1:55 Women's 3000m Steeplechase Round 1 - Heat 2 – Pratt, Chepkoech, Frerichs
    2:10 Women's 3000m Steeplechase Round 1 - Heat 3 – Bird, Kiyeng, Abebe
    2:35 Women's Shot Put Final
    2:40 Women's Hammer Throw Qualification - Group B
    2:45 Men's 400m Round 1 - Heat 1 – James, Makwala
    2:53 Men's 400m Round 1 - Heat 2 – Ross, Maslak, Borlee
    3:01 Men's 400m Round 1 - Heat 3 – Cherry, St Hilaire
    3:09 Men's 400m Round 1 - Heat 4 – Van Niekerk, Zambrano, Korir
    3:17 Men's 400m Round 1 - Heat 5 – Gardiner, Lendore
    3:25 Men's 400m Round 1 - Heat 6 – Norman, Cedenio

    11:10 Men's High Jump Final
    11:15 Men's 100m Semi-Final 1 - Prescod, de Grasse, Kerley
    11:23 Men's 100m Semi-Final 2 – Hughes, Bromell
    11:31 Men's 100m Semi-Final 3 – Ujah, Baker, Simbine, Jacobs
    11:45 Women's 100m Hurdles Semi-Final 1 -Amusan, Clemons
    11:53 Women's 100m Hurdles Semi-Final 2 – Porter, Harrison, Anderson, Skrzy
    12:01 Women's 100m Hurdles Semi-Final 3 – Sember, Camacho-Quinn, Visser, Tapper
    12:15 Women's Triple Jump Final
    12.25 Men's 800m Semi-Final 1 – Korir, Lopez, Dobek, Hoppel
    12:35 Men's 800m Semi-Final 2 – Rowden, Arop, Murphy, Saruni
    12:45 Men's 800m Semi-Final 3 – Giles, Rotich, Amos
    1:05 Men's 400m Hurdles Semi-Final 1 – Benjamin, Warholm, Copello
    1:15 Men's 400m Hurdles Semi-Final 2 – Samba, dos Santos
    1:25 Men's 400m Hurdles Semi-Final 3 – MCMaster, Magi
    1:50 Men's 100m Final

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    Can the 800m men take inspiration from the women? Both will need to run well to make the final, but they are also both more than capable of it.


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      Heats are quite challenging, but hope for the best.

      I was surprised to see Warholm and Benjamin in the same semi when there are three.


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        Hughes has the easiest looking route to the 100 final of the British men.

        It's going to be tough for Tiff and Cindy.
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          Is the the lowest standard 100m at the OG since 1984? I'd fancy, Carl Lewis, Linford Christie, Donovan Bailey or Frankie Fredericks against all of this lot - especially on a Mondo track in modern spikes.


          • SprintRelayFan
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            92 Christie ran it in 9.96, second was 10.02 - admittedly spikes and tracks advanced!

          • JamieSLA
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            Remains to be seen, I think we could see something special from Ronnie Baker personally. I think at the summit, it probably is the lowest since then, but in terms of depth you could argue it's the best its ever been.

          • trickstat
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            Good question. I suppose it's hard to tell when the contenders have only run once so far. I suspect the level required to make the final may be about the same as the last few Games but the difference between that and a bronze medal may be smaller than in the days of Bolt, Blake etc.

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          Click image for larger version

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          Many are called. But few get up.


          • frankie cahill
            frankie cahill
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            Is that a Man reference? Is so, I'm now going to have difficulty in disassociating Alex Bell from 70s Welsh prog rock from now on

          • paul
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            Yes. Good Welsh prog knowledge @frankie-cahill !

            I have always liked the phrase. Heroism is a little bit rare because you have to have the opportunity and you have to take it.
            I'm singling out Bell because, although she has iron-hard resoluteness, will-power and abs, she is also just an ordinary Leeds lass.

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          Anita Wlodarczyk is coming into form at the right time... 76.99 m in hammer qualifying attempt one, sees her through to the final.


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            Ivana Spanovic has injected some class into the underachieving group B in the LJ with a 7.00 jump.


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              Lizzie Bird is the first Brit to progress running further than 800m as an FL in the SC.


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                Ugen was hyped with some jumps of quality this year. Cannot see better than 6 05 on my phone.⁴


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                Abby Irozuru hits the auto Q on the nail with 6.75 in the 3rd. Jaz Sawyers currently hanging in the top 12 by her fingertips but I am not hopeful that she'll remain.


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                  Well done Irozoru qualwd auto 6 75


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                    With only 10 places here for Russian ANAs, Daria Klishina fouling out in the LJ isn't a great use of one of those spots!


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                      Another foul by Ugen so v poor by her but it looks like Sawyers will make it through.


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                        Irozuru gets the auto Q and Sawyers scrapes through to the final in 11th place... disappointing for Ugen who finishes right at the bottom of qualifying with two no marks and a jump barely over 6 metres, but not surprising given the injury story she detailed on Twitter.