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Tokyo Olympics 2020 - Athletics - Day 2 (Sat)

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  • Tokyo Olympics 2020 - Athletics - Day 2 (Sat)

    1.00: W400H:
    1.00: 400W H ht 1 - Tkachuk, Watson
    1.08: 400W H ht 2 - Beesley, Ryzhykova, Russell
    1:16: 400W H ht 3 - Knight, McLaughlin
    1:24: 400W H ht 4 - Turner, Bol
    1:32: 400W H ht 5 - Muhammad, Sprunger
    1:30: DT W Qual group A - 2:55 Group B
    1.40: PV M: Qual
    1.50: 800M ht 1 - Giles, Rotich
    1.58: 800M ht 2 - Dustin, Arop
    2:06: 800M ht 3 - Rowden, Murphy
    2:14: 800M ht 4 - Bosse, Amos
    2:22: 800M ht 5 - Dobek, English, Lopez
    2:30: 800M ht 6 - Hoppel, Korir
    2:45: 100W H ht 1 - Sember, Visser
    2:53: 100W H ht 2 - Harrison, Herman
    3:01: 100W H ht 3 - Amusan, Skrzyszowska
    3:09: 100W H ht 4 - Clemons
    3:17: 100W H ht 5 - Camacho-Quinn, Porter,
    3:35: 100M Preliminary Rounds

    11:15 100W sf 1 - Asher-Smith, Thompson-Herah, Okagbare
    11:23 100W sf 2 - Philip, Ta Lou, Jackson
    11:31 100W sf 3 - Neita, Fraser-Pryce, Ahoure
    11:45 100M hts (Draw after prelims)
    12.15 - M Discus Final
    12.50 800W sf 1 - Reekie, Goule, Wilson
    13:00 800W sf 2 - Bell, Alemu, Mu
    13:10 800W sf 3 - Hodgkinson, Almanza, Rogers
    13:35 Mixed relay Final - GBR in lane 2 (no one in lane 1)

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    Does anyone know who's been selected to rung the 4x4 final? Zoe Clark (50.4) and Emily Diamond (50.1) ran great splits. Are they bringing in Lavai or ANOTHER?


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      The team currently shown is Clark, diamond, brier and charmers - oh although it still shows Spain and Germany in the final so perhaps not reliable

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    Athletics on BBC1 from 1am to 2.30am.


    • LuckySpikes
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      Looking unlikely to start at 1am - GB have just won the mixed triathlon relay so they'll probably chat about that until 1.15

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    The first final of today will be the 1000th final in Olympic Athletics.

    That's not to say the combined medal table will show 1000 golds - there was one event where the gold was shared (1908 PV), plus two extra golds were (re-)awarded to Jim Thorpe as joint first aeons after he was disqualified. Two golds remain vacant, one pending re-allocation (2012 Men's HJ) and the other likely to remain permanently vacated (2000 Women's 100m)


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      Oh, well done Melissa Gonzalez (COL) in heat 1 of the 400H - through to the semis with a 55.32 NR (PB by 0.13s)
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        Can someone explain why the US has been reinstated in the mixed relay? Notwithstanding the first changeover, for their second change the woman clearly changed places - so should still be a DQ for that surely?

        I assume the team pushed out by their reinstatement will counter-protest?


        • trickstat
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          It would be too late to counter-protest now.

          It appears that there was a mistake or a lack of clarity from the officials in telling where the 2nd leg runners should stand. I also think there were some incorrect instructions given to 3rd and 4th leg runners as to the order they should line up in. Apparently, the Dominican Republic were originally DQ'd for an athlete changing their order in the line-up but they successfully appealed because the athlete moved to where they should have been.

        • Grassmarket
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          Yeah, it was a mess on both heats. Think there’s probably an issue with over-fussy Japanese officials who don’t speak much English.

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        Meghan Beesley is likely not going to make it through... Came 7th in heat 2 of the 400 m hurdles with 55.91.


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          A couple of really poor GB Track performances where is this going to carry throughout the Games? /In particular, McColgan, Beesley, and all field so far other than Tom Gale.

          I want all of our athletes to absolutely smash it, but nothing pisses me off more than athletes going to Games and massively underperforming even SB's.

          Bring your best or don't bother.
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            If he makes it to the start line for Heat 3 of the 100m Preliminaries, Jonah Harris of Nauru will be the first Nauruan to compete in Olympic Athletics.

            Previously, the tiny Pacific nation have only sent weightlifters and a couple of judokas to compete in the Games.


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              Oh dear Jessie

              Fingers crossed Dina's in British record form later, because we need somebody to spark something.
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                Another disaster for British track athletes! Jesse Knight falls at the first hurdle!


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                  It looks like Jessie Knight slipped over just before the first hurdle. I'm not sure if I've ever seen anything like that?


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                    Other than the 100 and the 800 yesterday the GB team is a disaster zone so far!


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                      Embarrassing from Jessie.... She didn't even come close to clearing the first hurdle. What the heck?!

                      Did she put on her slippers rather than spikes to the race?


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                        Like Jessie but that is pathetic - very tough to justify receiving any funding after that. Travel to Tokyo and that is what is delivered. Poor.


                        • trickstat
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                          She isn't currently funded but it doesn't help her chances of being added.