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PREDICTION CONTEST - Tokyo 2020NE Olympic Games

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    "Best winning mark prediction:
    There were some spot on, e.g., 9.80 for the M 100, 8.41 for the M Long Jump and 4.90 for the W Pole Vault.
    However, because of the larger numbers involved, the award goes to Laps for an exact 43.85 in the Men's 400 and to Jnathletics for 66.33 in the Women's Javelin, just one centimetre off the winning mark of 66.34"

    Wow, I almost got something right in this contest. Don't read anything into it, like I'm a Jav expert, just a lucky guess that I thought looked good.

    Guess, I need to study up on the Brits more as the Top 6 category through me for a loop.

    Enjoyed the contest and thanks for hosting it. Will look forward to future ones.

    Hopefully, I can do better

    Congrats to the winners.


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      Many thanks, Lucky Spikes - you really went above and beyond in organising this!!