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    Originally posted by LuckySpikes
    Every time I look at BBC1 it's Hazel Irvine chatting to someone or other. Very poor! When polled do they think the British people would say, "Less sport and more chat, please!" ?

    The extra Eurosport channels aren't showing on my BT TV but thank God for CBC in Canada!
    Strangely enough, I get the whole gamut of Eurosport channels on my firestick downstairs which is connected to a "dumb" tv, but not on my - allegedly - smart tv upstairs which has the Eurosport app.


    • Grassmarket
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      Eurosport ended support for Smart TVs a a while back. Just too much technical hassle. Concentrated on Amazon instead.

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    Originally posted by felix51

    Strangely enough, I get the whole gamut of Eurosport channels on my firestick downstairs which is connected to a "dumb" tv, but not on my - allegedly - smart tv upstairs which has the Eurosport app.
    i bet the answer is all about money money money. 😥😥


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      Listened to an interview between Kath Merry and Joanne Coates the head bureaucrat of UKA talking of the great things she is doing and setting in motion for the sport of athletics in this country and her endless management speak and bullshit was a marvel to behold.


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        Tomorrow's medal events. Insanely early starts, but many essential medal chances..

        22:30 Triathlon Men's Triathlon Medal Final
        02:30 Swimming Women 100m Butterfly Medal Final
        03:12 Swimming Men 100m Breaststroke Medal Final
        03:20 Swimming Women 400m Freestyle Medal Final
        04:05 Swimming Men 4x100m Relay Medal Final
        04:25 Skateboarding Women Street Medal Final
        05:45 Archery Men Team Medal Final
        06:50 Shooting Women Skeet Medal Final
        07:00 Diving Men synchronized 10m platform Medal final
        07:00 Mountain Bike Men Cross Country Medal Final
        07:45 Canoe Slalom Men Canoe Gold Medal Final
        07:50 Shooting Men Skeet Medal Final
        09:00 Judo Women 57kg Repechage & Medal Final
        09:00 Judo Men 73kg Repechage & Medal Final
        10:00 Fencing Women Sabre & Men Foil Medal Final
        11:00 Artistic Gymnastics Men Team Medal Final
        11:50 Fencing Women Sabre Individual Bronze Medal Final
        12:00 Table Tennis Mixed Doubles Bronze Medal Final
        12:20 Fencing Men Foil Individual Bronze Medal Final
        12:30 Taekwondo Women 67kg Bronze Medal Final
        12:45 Fencing Women Sabre Individual Gold Medal Final
        12:45 Taekwondo Men 80kg Bronze Medal Final
        13:00 Table Tennis Mixed Doubles Gold Medal Final
        13:00 Taekwondo Women 67kg Bronze Medal Final
        13:15 Fencing Men Foil Individual Gold Medal Final
        13:15 Taekwondo Men 80kg Bronze Medal Final
        13:30 Taekwondo Women 67kg Gold Medal Final
        13:45 Taekwondo Men 80kg Gold Medal Final


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          The skateboarding looked really unimpressive.


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            Originally posted by Occasional Hope
            The skateboarding looked really unimpressive.
            absolutely; a stupid joke by the IOC.
            Supposed to be for the younger fans; i find my friends kids, my grandchildren , my neighbours twenty somethings and various teens/twenties i chat to at my local cafe in town in Cheltenham have little or no interest either in the Games and especially this pastime of skateboarding
            .Are your younger friends, families etc finding this skateboarding great sport?.


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              Looks like Alex Yee will be up at the sharp end of the cycle in the triathlon. If he can bring his 27:51 10000m best he has a great shout...


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                Excellent from ex athlete Alex Yee to take silver in the triathlon.


                • MysteryBrick
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                  Incredibly excellent. Looked disappointed, but the Norwegian looked like he would have willingly died to win...

                • trickstat
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                  To be pedantic he has always been a triathlete who happened to be an excellent runner, but he has done fewer purely running events the last couple of years.

                  I think his tactics were sensible but I do wonder what might have happened if he'd gambled by pushing the pace from early in the run. Obviously, the conditions would have made that extraordinarily risky.

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                Adam Peaty is the double Olympic champion! 57.35 to defeat Kamminga (58.00). A brilliantly controlled swim from start to finish.

                Peaty dropped a couple of f-bombs in the interview with Sharon Davies afterwards.... and I can't blame him for it either! lol
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                  Sadly our studio couple talk nonsense. Peaty is not the only double breaststroke olympic winner.
                  Kitajima did the double double 100 and 200m twice. When awards are given for bbc sports personality will the british viewers prefer some footballer or motor racer, likely.


                  • trickstat
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                    I can only assume they were getting mixed-up with the fact that he is the first British swimmer to successfully defend an Olympic title.

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                  Originally posted by Occasional Hope
                  Excellent from ex athlete Alex Yee to take silver in the triathlon.
                  Great performance by Yee. Big shoes to fill after the bros!


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                    Duncan def a medal tomorrow. Kathy can go a bit quickere
                    A great 400m win by Titmus. Hope Schoenmaker holds off King
                    Good night posters.😄


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                      A good night for our mixed doubles badminton team of Ellis/Smith, who knocked off the number 3 seeds in their last pool game. Means they top the group and therefore face a runner up in the QFs.


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                        Prophets of Doom might be just a little quieter today 😊 Yee started the day well for GB - looks a real prospect for the future too as the Brownlee brothers move on happy to have left a legacy.

                        (Should clarify that I don't think anyone on here has really overdone the doom and gloom : but some of the comments on BBC HYS have been rather extreme ! )

                        Peaty did what everyone expected : his comments afterwards indicate that he still feels the pressure despite his dominance in the event . Guess in a a way being such an overwhelming favourite brings its own extra stress. He will feel a lot more relaxed now and can look forward to the medley relay legs...
                        Scott - and Dean - impressive in the 200 semis. Duncan significantly faster than the field ... real chance for the final. All told a good morning for GB in the pool.

                        And of course all Australia will be rejoicing after Titmus wins her first duel with the great Ledecky : was a terrific swim to overhaul her and take the Gold. Still got the 200 so on for an excellent Olympics 👍 In fact the Aussie team is doing rather well so far with 2 Gold and a number of minor medals. The Yanks took that men's relay very impressively : but they may be feeling their women aren't doing quite as well as they were expecting to do (I saw a comment by a US swimmer a few weeks back that they fancied themselves to win all the women's golds ! None from four , so far. Hubris , anyone ?)

                        Even without the crowds , Olympics are good to watch. And nice for the likes of me the time zone is friendly 😄

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                        • marra
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                          She's technically listed for the 800m as well, though I would not be remotely surprised if she dropped it. Would expect her to win the 200m, Ledecky to win 800m (& 1500m). The 400m was always likely to be the closest of the 3 races between them and was a heck of a race - Titmus smashed her PB and Ledecky did her 2nd best ever after her WR.

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                        Tom Daley and Matty Lee win gold in the syncro 10 m diving final! 13 years after Daley come on to the scene as the youngest British Olympian in almost a century at the Beijing Olympics, he's finally got the gold he's been after!


                        • marra
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                          Fantastic diving. The performance by both Daley/Lee and the Chinese pair in that final round, given the pressure both teams were under was fantastic.

                        • RunUnlimited
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                          There was less than a point between them after that final dive. China's pair pulled that out (of course, we should have expected that given their exceptional record in diving) and *almost* got Daley and Lee. What a competition! Fantastic for Daley, after disappointment in Rio in the syncro (though he won bronze in the individual event), he's hung on for another Olympic cycle to see if he could finally get his golden moment... and now he's achieved that.